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My best gal is branching out...and I'm not OK with it

My friend and I have been friends for almost two years. She invited me to her birthday party next weekend to see a movie and...
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Mod mod mod! I'm starting to get scared about the Human Population. There are just too many people! What if there is no food or water left soon? I need help! Any advice?


Hey girlie, it's certainly possible that that day will come. But it's probably not something that will happen during your lifetime. For right now we have plenty of resources to feed everyone, so it won't be a real problem any time soon.

Lauren T.

by marylofal16 on 6/9/2013 8:45:42 PM


School ends tomorrow. Yay! But one of my BGF is not going to the same school as me. And everytime i think about it i feel like crying. I'm never going to see him again. He lives to far doesnt have an email or phone number. What should i do?


Hey girlie! Tell him how much you will miss him next year and ask him to get a Facebook, or Instant Messenger, or some other means of communication so you two can keep in touch. Saying goodbye is really hard, I'm super sorry!! xx

Hannah M

by akaprincess on 6/6/2013 1:20:26 PM


I'm not talking about switching usernames I'm talking about changing my picture profile


Hey! ooooh ok i got it now, sorry about that. Sometimes the site can be glitchy, so here are some ideas: try a different browser like firefox or internet explorer or safari and see if changing browsers helps. if that doesn't work try restarting the computer, and if that doesn't work try logging in from a different computer. I hope one of these works! 

Helen S.

by hinatagal on 5/30/2013 8:43:39 PM


I'm trying to change my profile ID but whenever I click save its still the same one


Hey! see how it says "read only" next to your username when you're in your account? That means you can't edit it. I'm afraid the only way to switch usernames is to start a new profile. 

Helen S.

by hinatagal on 5/30/2013 8:14:28 PM


I have another question, some girls in my class, (the girly ones) smell really good, and I don't really smell good. I mean, I don't smell bad, I just don't smell that good. How can I smell good, like do I need to buy products from VS? Because they buy their products there, and it looks like it helps. Please help? Thanks.



Hey girl!

You don't need to buy the perfumes that your classmates wear. You could try a new deodorant with a fruity scent, or look into other body sprays. Perfume can be a nice accessory when you're hanging out with your besties on the weekends, but its not necessarily a must-have for the school day. Wear a scent that makes you feel comfortable!

Jess D.

by Angelsfall on 5/28/2013 7:51:51 AM


So one of my friends and I have these bands we listen to, Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil. We use to talk about the singers, how hot they were and just well everything, you know? But now my other friend is starting to listen to them because of us, I have a feeling she wants to be like us and I'm not okay with it. These bands have helped me in a way and I don't want her treated them like 1D. I've told her that those bands are no good for her and that they will lead her to suicidal thoughts but then I thought about it and said to myself, "why am I telling her this when I listen to them myself? And this is not true about them." I just don't like people going after what I like. I'm really not okay with it and I don't want her listening to Sleeping with Sirens or Pierce the Veil, it annoys me. I know this is wrong, but what can I do? These are screaming bands and it doesn't even fit her, she's so girly.... >__< Please help!


Hey girl!

Our music taste can change all the time, and the best way to expand our playlists is through our friends. You should definitely take her interest as a compliment! Maybe you can swap CDs, and then everyone can listen to something new.

Jess D.

by Angelsfall on 5/28/2013 7:50:08 AM


HELP!!! I can't insert a tampon and I'm going swimming tomorrow!!!! I've tried reading the instructions in the box but it doesn't help. It always hurts when I try to put it in and I'm too embarrassed to ask for help from my mom.

by Jellybean2 on 5/27/2013 10:00:19 PM


Okay your right thank you and the years almost over too

by hinatagal on 5/27/2013 6:31:27 PM


My mom really wanted to go to the school but its just so embarrassing


Hey girlie, I understand, but I bet the people at the school just aren't taking you seriously enough, and they would pay more attention to your mom. 

Lauren T.

by hinatagal on 5/27/2013 6:26:29 PM


This girl who doesn't like me because she thinks I'm wierd because I'm quiet got these guys to yell sexual comments to me and swear at me. I told the counselor, dean, parents, and study hall teacher but nothing is being done about it! I ignored and stood up for myself but I don't know what to do anymore.


Hey girlie, if they're still yelling these things at you talk to your parents again. Ask your parents to talk to people at the school to make someone take action. 

Lauren T.

by hinatagal on 5/27/2013 6:09:21 PM

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