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Should you stay with your BF over summer?

Ah, sweet summer freedom. The school year had ended… finally! The question is: Should you end it with your BF? Here’s how to decide if you...
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Okay. Me and I my so called boyfriend haven't talked since June. And we were together then, but we kind of haven't talked to since. I've sent him messages, but no reply. I'm kind of scared, I mean he could be dead for God's sake. Is he expecting me to wait around for him till school starts? I'm just not that type of girl. And btw, I've kind of been flirting with other guys, Ik bad right. I couldn't take waiting for him, and he probably moved on too. I think about him every once in a while, but its not a pleasuring think about. It's just a wonder think about. Are we together or NOT?! Good Luck XX

by KeKe_Oliver on 8/11/2013 6:25:05 PM


So I just worked at youth retreat this past weekend and got to bond with some friends I haven't seen in awhile. My boyfriend(J) of 5 1/2 months went to this retreat and met one of my good friends who I had dated a couple years ago(D). I am now camping with my boyfriend, and he asked me if I loved him. He told me to really think about it. While thinking about it, I realized I don't love him as much as I thought I did… and that I think I still like D. I really don't know what to do about this. I don't know how to tell my boyfriend this. I tried talking to my friend, but she won't listen. I'll be camping til Friday, and i don't know what to do til then. Please help me!


 Hey girlie! Firstly, he shouldn't ask you whether or not you love him - that puts you on the spot and it's also kind of rude. If you don't like him that much, end it. Just say that you think you've grown apart and you think it might be best if you saw other people. Before you jump into anything with D and make him the rebound, consider if you really like him, or if he just looks better in comparison with J. Best of luck! xx

Hannah M

by crush9611 on 6/3/2013 1:56:54 PM


My relationship with my boyfriend and i became so much better last year than it was before that. Over the summer we became a lot more comfortable and open with each other so i would suggest that if you two really like each other then stay with each other.

by luv798 on 6/1/2013 12:00:23 PM


So me and my BF have been going out for 2 months! Longest relationship ive ever had and he was my first kiss! We only kissed once because we didnt want to rush anything and PDA is like illegal at our school. Its summer time and we are going into High School. Neither of us have cars and we only have our phone numbers. Im worried that in 9th grade we will lose each other in the bigger crowd of people! And also we've only talked to each other once since school got out (a week ago) and I am lways nervous about texting him first! He's on vacay and is out of the state. Its a vacay i dont want to disturb him but he has beed on facebook (not very often but enough for me to know about it) and before we were going out he was going out with another girl a year older. My friend told me he loved her so much and they kissed everyday. but that was a long time ago and idk why im worried. But i dont want to break up with him but idk how to ask questions that are important. PLEASE HELP MOD MOD MOD MOD!!

by LunaEstrellas on 5/30/2013 10:31:50 PM


I think summers can be great if you have a bf you really like because you can get closer during the summer but they can also hold you back and keep you from spending time with other cute guys. I think its a hard decision to make, too bad you cant put the current bf on hold, spend time with some new cute guys during the summer and then get back with the bf.

I have friends who keep their bfs on a string and go away for the summer and spend time with other guys at camp, but I dont know if I could really do that, but it would be kind of fun.

by fashionqn on 5/28/2013 10:15:06 PM


My BFF has a BF. She got with him at a dance last month. He just asked her out out of the blue and she said yes. She didn't officially have a crush on him. Now she's having trouble deciding whether or not to stay with him over the summer. She says she likes him a lot but would rather get back together with her BF she had at the beginning of the year. I think they could stay a couple if they wanted because it seems like he really likes her and she realized she liked him when things heated up. But based on this question, what do you think should happen with this particular couple?


Hey girl!

It's great that you're looking out for your friend. A relationship is supposed to be fun. If your bestie and her BF are enjoying one another's company, then don't sweat it! Everything should work out. Ultimately, its up to your friend to go with her gut and play it by ear.

Jess D.

by Helena Gisele on 5/28/2013 9:28:25 AM


I can't focus on homework unless it is really late at night. The past few weeks, I have been getting a lot of homework and have been staying up really late to do it. But now I'm coming to realize that i can't focus on homework unless it is really late. Did i accidentally train myself to be like this? Help! I'm trying to study for finals and it is really hard!


Hey Girl! I am sure it is because after a long day at school it is hard for you to sit down and focus on homework right away.  You should get into a habit for the last few weeks until summer to help push through and get good nights sleep.  After you come home you should hangout for an hour or so, have a snack, have dinner, and then force yourself to start work before it gets too late.  Try switching up where you do your work too, that may help Smile 

Elizabeth K.

by Pinklife on 5/26/2013 10:37:26 PM


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