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English, math, science, history and...gym? P.E. might be your new core course

As obesity rates continue to climb—currently 17 percent of children under the age of 19 in the U.S. clock in way over their recommended BMI—organizations...
64 Comments | Add Yours

I love gym, so it wouldn't matter to me. At my school we have to have 4 semesters of gym or athletics before you graduate. You can also do off campus pe if you do tennis, golf, dance, cheer and other stuff like that.

by Foodiejr99 on 5/30/2013 5:53:04 PM


This is already one of my cores unless you do a sport each season which i do so i'm all good hahaha

by tampagirl<3 on 5/30/2013 5:02:58 PM


Gym is already a core class for freshman at my highschool. I'm pretty sure we are actually required to have at least 2 credits of physical education in our four years in high school.

by AMOURx10 on 5/30/2013 5:01:47 PM


I don't think that it is anybody's job to take care of another's weight problem except for the person who is overweight. So, no, this shouldn't happen. I'm not going to take gym more because of others' health issues. Besides, gym class every day wouldn't make people who are obese more healthy; they have to make their own decision to become healthier. P.E. doesn't even give you a good work out.

by sarah.sjworm on 5/30/2013 4:47:29 PM


I hate gym class! In my county we take gym all through elementary school and middle school, but only one semester in High school. I am done with gym and I am happy about it! Making gym mandatory would take time away from classes that are actually important.

by awtechnofish on 5/30/2013 4:11:26 PM


CALLING ALL HOMESCHOOLED GIRLS!!!!!!! Come join the currently active club, "Homeschooled Girls Rule!" We talk about anything and everything! Currently there is an officer position open - Healthy Chica. You'd post often, give daily health tips and answer any health questions. Come join the fun today!!!!!

by Ralinia on 5/30/2013 3:46:11 PM


One class isn't going to help people stop becoming overweight. Neither is making school lunches healthier. You have to want to stop being overweight, by eating all the right foods and eating all the right food. Plus some kids aren't athletic...that doesn't mean they are overweight. They shouldn't force GYM on students, because everyone is different. Some people are better at music or art or whatever. If kids want to be athletic then instead of forcing Gym on everyone, how about those athletic kids join a sport?

by BabyDahl13 on 5/30/2013 3:41:59 PM


I only have P.E. twice a week for an hour. I do wish we had it every day, though.

by hermionegirl12 on 5/30/2013 3:37:56 PM


I don't mind working out, I just don't like working out as a class. There are just too many variables that can work against you. Plus it always seems like a competition to get done the fastest, so kids end up not doing it, just to not be the last kid running the mile. Our school makes us take two semesters at anytime in the four years and we can do it online too which I think is the way to go.

by amelalba on 5/30/2013 2:01:19 PM


my school has p.e. a semester and a half, we have it everyday for 50 min as a main required class. In eighth grade we have 2 other extra classes we can sign up for besides our given p.e. class.

by leisnow on 5/30/2013 1:22:23 PM

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