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Would you spend 30 days in a bikini?

This spring, a boutique bikini brand owner issued two women a major challenge: Spend 30 days rocking your bikini around town. The challenge was intended...
20 Comments | Add Yours

My dad says "Middle aged men, 30 days in a Speedo" would either be the funniest or most disgusting thing EVER! I would think both.

by Radieal on 6/1/2013 9:09:20 PM


Hey, I've had some anxiety about my breast size lately. I'm 16 and a 34a. I first got my period when I was about 11 and a half. My moms size is a c and my sister's is a b. My dads sisters have c's as well. If you could predict, do you think my breasts will grow more? I wish I had a little more:/ thanks luhv!

Hey girlie,

Everyone is different, so I wouldn't compare yourself to your family members! I would talk to your doc about your growth because they are a professional and can give you expert advice on your bod and growth. Beauty comes in all sizes, though, so don't be discouraged if you look different from your family--you are perfect the way you are!

Meghan D.

by 2sprinkles2 on 5/31/2013 11:25:55 PM


I like to tell myself that just because I think other girls are skinnier than me, it doesn't mean I'm fat. And just because I think other girls are prettier than me, it doesn't make me ugly.

by kamryng13 on 5/30/2013 9:52:16 PM


MOD MOD MOD Please!!
Okay, so in my religion, we believe you should dress modestly (E.g. your shoulders should be covered, no shorts and skirts above the knee, no cleavage should show, etc.) and in this day and age, it's so hard finding cute yet still modest outfits! Do you have any good ideas/good places to shop that have modest clothing? Also, swimsuits need to be one-pieces with preferably one inch sleeves or longer. Do you know where I could find some cute modest swimsuits? (I really like swim-dresses, if that helps any.) Thanks soooo much in advance, and I'm sorry it's so strict!


Hey girl! Don't apologize, it's totally ok to have wardrobe restrictions as a result of religion. I'm a huge fan of flowy maxi dresses for summer, and they have them everywhere! Target, Kohls, Nordstrom, Macy's, and a ton of other big stores carry lots of selection. They're a great way to cover up but still be fashion forward. Swimsuits are the same deal, but has a ton of fun, retro and vintage whole-piece bathing suits - style, coverage, they have it all! They can be a little pricy, but they're good quality so save up and invest in a cute one! Hope this helps! xx 

Hannah M

by princessofparadox on 5/30/2013 2:17:12 AM


I'm on a competitive horse back riding team, and during the summer we train physically really hard so we will be at our physical peak. However, after the season is over, I don't eat healthy or workout anymore. So, I don't know if I would have done this. I guess the confidence in yourself and your body is what makes you decide whether you can do it or not.

by PuddinHead on 5/29/2013 11:34:20 AM


Help me I'm so lost.. okay so I am a dancer, and tryouts for comp. team and performance team. I was on performance this year (one step down from comp. we go to like 4 comps a year) and tryouts are together so they can be like she would be best on performance or comp.... I have a good chance on being on comp and I want to further my dance career... but I love my teachers so much I can't bear to leave them I love them so much and they don't teach comp... Idk what to do I love my teachers on performance so much... but idk
Thank ya boo


Hey babe! This kind of decision can be tough, but you just have to do what you think is best. You can still be close with your teachers even if you chose to join the other squad. Just try and decide what is most important to you. Best of luck, girlie!! xo 
Caroline M.

by #1partier on 5/29/2013 10:31:21 AM


My favorite positive affirmation is "I am not defined by how others view me."

by supersingershannon on 5/28/2013 10:25:44 PM


Hey girls! Need help finding outfits for your first day of school or your first date? Just finished cramming the night before and look terrible? Check out Fashion ASAP and get advice on your skin, body, hair, nail how-to's, makeup and awesome outfits here that fit your taste and style! I will help you with your problems ASAP (usually within 24 hours) and you'll receive fabulous answers.

by Emilicious on 5/28/2013 10:11:29 PM


Lets put the guys in some nice looking swimsuits too. I think it would be fun to be in my bikini for 30 days. My friends and I practically live in our swimsuits during the summer anyway, so I would do it but not to impress anybody else just because I feel comfortable and enjoy it.

But I want to see some hot guys in their swimsuits too. Smile There are a few guys I know who I would love if they did it with us!

by fashionqn on 5/28/2013 10:05:27 PM


I believe that to feel confident about their bodies, the candidates don't need to spend 30 days in a bikini. Instead, the campaign director should have the women repeat the inspirational phrases every time they take a look at themselves, so they aren't showing themselves off in a bikini for a month.

by i<3cake on 5/28/2013 9:22:35 PM


I'm sorry, but I completely disagree that this campaign is "sexualixing" women. The bikini is added to show even if you aren't stick thin, you can love yourself and feel beautiful no matter what you're wearing. If you can accept yourself, even in a skin-bearing bikini, you can accept your body in anything. Also, ever tried wearing a bikini? It's virtually impossible to not show a little cleavage. That's not why people wear bikinis. Girls who are bustier aren't going to (usually) wear small stringed bikinis. Bikinis aren't made to be some small article of clothing worn to get guys or show off your cleavage. They're worn for comfort. I've worn both a one piece and a two piece and a bikini is much easier to move around in, and doing all the activities I do at the beach, bikinis allow your arms and legs to move more free than with one pieces, which constrict your shoulders and stomach. And the man is describing the campaign because he's the head of a swimsuit company.

by kenzi143 on 5/28/2013 8:56:02 PM


Although this is a good message, i dont like this campaign. This in itself is sexualizing women. These are two attractive ladies and although it may boost their self esteem what about all the other women who are trying to get bodies like that. These women are wearing bikinis with intense cleavege and i feel like that is sexualizing them. I think there are better ways to portray this message. They could do the no mirror for a month or anything else really. I think it is ironic that this man sais his message is to not sexualize women but wearing a bikini everywhere is sexualizing women. I like the message but not the way it is spread.

by <3qtpiecatherine<3 on 5/28/2013 6:54:43 PM


Thankyou so much for this GL. All my life ive struggled with my weight. Ive always been called fat and always wanted to hide in my clothes. This really inspired me. Keep it up GL.

by emily_button on 5/28/2013 6:44:40 PM


I am valuable no matter what my weight.

by emily_button on 5/28/2013 6:43:26 PM


I love the point he is trying to make, but our world is falling into an irreversible pit of immodesty! Loving your body doesn't mean you have to show it to the world. Loving your body means that you respect it and treat it well on the outside and inside. Loving your body is about what you see, not about what the rest of the world sees.

by zwinky on 5/28/2013 6:16:13 PM


This is really cool! I would do it!

by sammyy99 on 5/28/2013 6:04:58 PM


Hi so, I have dark hair and thick sideburns! I told my mom that no other girl has anything else but I do! She doesn't agree that I have sideburns and once I trimmed them and she said that was the reason for them! She won't let me do anything to get rid of them and she says to grow them out! They are making me so self conscious I can't even wear a ponytail to school and I'm so sad. What can I do to get rid of them or just make then go away??? Please help mod!!!


Hey iloveonedirection!, mhmm since you can't cut them, try wearing cute hairstyles to cover them up. Depending on how long your hair is, pull it to the side and wear a braid. You could also straighten it, and curls would direct attention away from your sideburns. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by iloveonedirection! on 5/28/2013 5:26:57 PM


I actually do have a nice body. I'm naturally skinny and lanky! But I have pimples on my back, chest, and butt! So I tell myself to be comfortable in my own skin and not care what people think. I'm a TEENAGER! What else do people expect from me?

by YouCanCallMeCat on 5/28/2013 5:14:36 PM


Fashion FYI
Need any fashion help or ideas on how to dress for an occasion then just join this club! Also if you need advice on anything else you also can ask me here!!!!!!!!

by Abbison28 on 5/28/2013 5:14:18 PM


That was very inspiring, but i don't think i could walk around in a bikini for 30 days.

by emmacd on 5/28/2013 4:55:44 PM

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