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Stuck in the middle? How to handle a best friend feud

A fight with a gal pal is bad enough, but if your best buds are butting heads with each other, it’s hard to stay sane...
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mod mod mod
i have 2 really close friends,and we have all been BFFs for years now. the problem is, they have become better friends with each other than they are with me. they leave me out whenever we hang out together and they tell each other things that they dont tell me. it makes me feel really sad and lonely. when i went to summer camp with them they would leave me out of their conversations a lot, and when i tried to talk with them they pretty much ignored me. also they would only participate in something if they both wanted to do it, they didnt care if i wanted to do it or not. what do i do to become best friends with them again?


Hey girl! It doesn't sound like they're being very considerate or nice. You can try talkin to them about it. Point out how you've been feeling and how they've been acting. Maybe you can clear the air a bit. If that doesn't work, it may be time to make friends with some other cool girl who won't treat you like that. Good luck!


Taeler L.

by taylor kane on 8/3/2013 11:05:52 AM


I need help. My best friend blocked me on Instagram. She called me and said "did you see the picture of my new hermit crab on Instagram""? I said no because you blocked me. She says " oh yeah, oh well then". She didn't unblock me. I asked her why she did and she said because.
~~ Katie




Hey girl! Sounds like this girl is trying to joke with you.
If she hasn’t hinted that she’s annoyed before, and this seems to come out of
nowhere, then don’t worry too much about it. Don’t freak out and leave her a
gazillion texts- just wait until she comes around, and leaves the strange
behavior behind.

Melissa T.

by KATIE91501 on 7/11/2013 2:31:04 PM


I need advise. I thought this would be one of the greatest summers yet but it's not. My best friend just got a new boyfriend and they really like each other so they're spending a ton of time together. Well, it's taking a toll on our friendship. She's barely spoken to me without him around or about him in weeks. I don't have really any other friends and I don't want to be straight out like that she has to choose or anything. What should I say to her without hurting her feelings, our friendship or her relationship?


hey! just schedule a time to hang out with her and tell her you're having a great time and you really miss hanging out with her. Just bring it up casually and talk it out. You guys will get through it, don't worry! 

Helen S.

by annala99 on 6/22/2013 1:43:07 PM


A new neighbor moved in a while ago, and she's a grade younger than me. I really want to be good friends with her, but I don't know what to do! My family's already brought cookies over and they brought us brownies a while ago. They play outside a lot but I don't want to just walk over there and start hanging out with her! I'm really shy at stuff like this. What should I do? Please help!


hey! If you feel nervous about diving in, try dipping your toe in the water. The next time you see her playing outside, just walk over to say hi, you don't have to stay, but it'll lay groundwork for more conversations in the future. good luck! 

Helen S.

by cjw_16 on 6/22/2013 1:35:22 PM

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