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Do you simply eat too much sometimes, or do you have an eating disorder?

We admit it, sometimes, we have a tendency to stuff our faces. Sometimes food is just so good, we can’t stop. Sometimes, we have a...
8 Comments | Add Yours

I went to the doctor yesterday and I mentioned my shakiness, low weight(81 lbs. 5'2)and my really irregular periods(sometimes they are p only 9-10 days apart). I'm almost 16. My doctor drew blood to see if it could possibly be hypothyroidism. He said that if its not that, then he would refer me to a Gyno. I'm really freaked out. What if I have hypothyroidism? I googled it and people said it sucks. This is not how I wanted to end my summer/ start my sophomore year. Help!


Hey girl! Don't worry about it too much- your doc will take care of ya, I promise.

Melissa T. Melissa T.

by Girlzrock123 on 7/25/2013 4:13:52 PM


I always feel fat. I am 12 and I weigh as much as my friends do, and they are skinny. I have taken three fat or skinny tests , and have gotten skinny each time. I have some stomach fat, and I feel like I'm the fattest person ever. I need self-esteem , fast. Everyone tells me I'm skinny, but I don't feel that way. Is this normal? I am freaking out!

by msh12 on 6/20/2013 5:27:00 PM


so I have been trying to talk my mom into letting me have a facebook but all she says is no. I have shown her that only friends can loom at my account but she just wont let me do it. I think its very unfair because my brother got one at my age. should I just forget about it or confront her PLEASE HELP !!!


Hey girlie, don't be confrontational or aggressive about it, but point that out to her. You could even offer to give her your password so that she knows you're not doing anything bad on it. If she still says no then drop it for now. 
Lauren T.

by mwells14064 on 6/17/2013 5:20:04 PM


I'm almost 15 and I'm pretty overweight. I am so tired of being this way. I can never dress the way I want to or feel comfortable in a swim suit. I have tried so many diets but they just don't work. I try to eat healthier but I have a large family and we are extremely tight on money and to eat healthier is just so much more expensive. I've never had a boyfriend and I'm almost positive it's due to my weight. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.


Hey girl,

Don't worry about the boyfriend part- you definitely aren't alone in not having a BF, and the right guy will like you just the way you are- just be confident in your own skin! And you're right about diets- they usually don't work. But talking to a doctor (And the fam) about building a healthier life style is definitely the way to go. Be sure to set reasonable goals, stay positive and check out this helpful GL article on losing weight: 

Good luck! 



Jess D.

by scoot on 6/11/2013 2:25:30 PM


I eat like ALL THE TIME. I gain weight so I've been exercising a lot lately and I have a difference in how big i am. Is it okay to eat all the time and exercise off all of the calories? I eat REALLY REALLY Healthy so I take in a healthy amount of colesterol, sodium, carbs, etc.

Hey girlie, if you're eating healthy foods then you can eat as much as you want. You don't want to use exercise as an excuse to eat more junk food or fatty foods that are high in calories. But if you're snacking on fruits and nuts and other healthy natural foods then don't be afraid to eat too much as long as you're hungry. 


Lauren T.

by YayaYuiki on 6/10/2013 7:58:24 PM


So, my sister is a little big. Too big for her age. She's ten, almost eleven, average height, and weighs 115 pounds. She eats way too much. And she's constantly eating. She sometimes says that she wishes she could lose weight, and when I tell her to stop eating so much, she says no! I don't understand. I want to help her because I know obesity has been a problem for her her whole life and will continue to be. How do I help her? I sometimes wonder if she has a eating disorder, but it can't be that serious. What do it do.
Also, the fact that she eats so much and the only exercise she gets is going back and forth between her room and the pantry. Because of thAt, we have to do some serious grocery shopping once a month. Her eating habits are costing my family serious money issues. What do I do? How stop this. This is causing problems for me, her, our family, and he people around us. Help??? <3





Hey girl!

You could let your sister know (politely, of course!) that you're worried about her. But when it comes to her weight, that's between your sister, mom, and the doctor. Don't worry about her size, just that she's happy and healthy. Invite her outside to play soccer with you, or maybe find some healthy, delicious recipes that she'd be interested in helping you cook up. Weight is a sensitive topic, so be careful and caring when approaching it.


Jess D.

by XpurplemermaidalexX on 6/10/2013 4:17:52 PM


so I have bad anxiety and stress. i had anxiety about sleeping when i was younger. that i wouldn't wake up. anyway, im doing this athletics club over summer, three times a week. and I just found out my neighbor who is a boy is doing it, and he bullied me last years, but we are okay now. i am scared about the camp because im really just scared. and i just am nervous i guess. and there is this weight training before it, but im scared to do that. how should i handle this?



Hey girl!

It's important to try to pinpoint what's making you nervous so that you can come up with a plan to overcome it. Whether its meeting new people, the physical challenge of the club or being around your neighbor 3 times a week, its important to let an adult know what's on your mind (like a parent or the club instructor). Pretending everything's A-OK will only make it harder to communicate with your coach/counselor, who really just wants to help you out. And if you're really friends now with the neighbor, you could always ask about carpooling so that neither of you have to show up to the sports club alone. In order to stay positive, be sure to focus on your goals and improvements rather than getting distracted by the other kids' training. Good luck!!


Jess D.

by potterjay on 6/10/2013 2:11:45 PM


I think too many people believe they have different disorders. When really a disorder is where the brain is telling the body to not or to do something it shouldn't because its not healthy.

by hinatagal on 6/9/2013 5:08:11 PM

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