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Meanie: California cruel

Back in 4th grade I had a super short hair cut. I was mistaken for a boy many times. I was not bothered with the...
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I've been feeling sad lately. Yesterday, I asked my mom if she was going to join karate, and she said "you just want me to join because of that boy!" pretty loud. Then, when I walked out of the room to get my stuff, my ex-crush was in there. My parents said "We thought you would bump into him, and say 'oops Kyle!' flirtatiously". They said it loud too. My mom said "I thought she would twirl her hair!". I was mortified. She said "He's so not worth it. It was a joke. Get over him". And then in the car, my mom admitted to reading my fb messages with my bff. I said "Maybe that's why him (my ex-crush) and his friend think I like them because you keep on saying stuff!", and she said "No, because you told both of them that you like them". My siblings started making fun of me. She hugged me at home and said "My boy-crazy daughter! You can't wait to see all of them and their flippy hair!". I'm not boy crazy. How do I get her to stop. I feel embarrassed. Thanks Smile

Hey chica. TThe only way to resolve this is to have a one on one talk with your mom away from everyone, including your siblings. Explain to her that you want to have a private conversation with her. Once you get her attention, let her know that her actions are embarrassing and kindof hurtful. Be serious and mature. Also try not to have an attitude so she can understand your concern better. Your mom loves you and just wants you not to take things too seriously because you're still young, which is a great lesson to learn. Just know that she has the best intentions for you and try not to let her little comments get under your skin. You only have one mother and plenty of other guys to meet in your future. Trust me, this is just the beginning.  xx
Jess D.

by isabellec on 6/13/2013 2:09:32 PM


Hey I am going to Charleston, SC with my dance team for nationals. In 2 Wednesdays our whole company is taking a pic on the beach in all white. AND I AM SUPER PALE! Like honest I will blend in with the white. I always get burnt when I try to tan. Do you have any tips on not getting burnt, but getting tan??
Thank you boo

Hey girlie, I'm sure you'll look great with or without that tan, but sunburns are a serious issue. Make sure you stock up on sunscreen and are using a moisturizer with SPF in it. Also remember to reapply before and after physical activities out in the sun. The more time you spend out in the sun, the more of a tan you'll get. And if that doesn't help, ask your parent/guardian to purchase a sunless tanning product at your local store, they're only about $11. Have fun in the sun and good luck in Charleston! xx
Jess D.

by #1partier on 6/13/2013 12:54:46 PM

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