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5 things you should NEVER do to get a guy's attention

Is there that one guy that you would do anything to get him to notice you? Make sure you think about what you’re doing before you...
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Mod So, I have this close guy friend, lately, he's been acting weird around me. Like, yesterday, when we were practicing for our calistenics, he bought 2 candies, and ate the other one and offered me the other,but I said no, thank you. and hours from now, in our school, when we had our groupings, and we were on the same group, and I was about to get a chair, he offered me his chair instead. Then, on our break time,my friend gave me the candy he's been offering yesterday, and then on our P.E. time, when we were playing, and I was hugging the "base" he touched me and we were about to kiss if my hair didn't fell on my face. But what I was thinking about is why didn't he touched my other teamates? There were a lot on the side, but still he decided to touch me? And I also noticed that he's always going near me and hanging out with me, more often that he was doing with hid friends. So, what do you think? Is he just being a bestfriend or not?

Hey chica, okay so it sounds like you have yourself a little situation here. He could just be a super, awesome best guy friend that really cares about you and likes to do nice things for you. Or he could have some hidden feelings for you since he's been getting touchy, feely. When trying to figure out if a guy is into you or not, it's always in your best interest to follow your "gut feelings" no matter how corny that may sound. If you think he's flirting, then he probably is. I think you shouldn't force anything. If you like him, then flirt back and see what happens. I think someone might have a crush on you...  Let us know how it goes! xx    
Jess D.

by ilovetaylorswiftyahaveaproblem? on 6/21/2013 3:30:55 AM


So I was friends with this guy for a year and I liked him as soon as I really got to know him which was after about 2 months of us talking and we ended up getting together in February for 2 weeks then he broke up with me and after a week we got back together for about a week then he broke up with me again for this other girl but after a few days he broke up with her and said he still liked me but he liked someone else too and he wasn't with either of us but he would never talk to her and always hung out with me then we ended up getting together but he found out that I used to cut myself and he said that no matter what he's always gonna love me as a friend but he's not gonna talk to me until I "have more respect for myself" but I haven't cut myself in 4 months how do I get him to realize that when he refuses to talk to me? Please help thanks


Hey girl! This guy sounds INSANE. If he doesn't want to talk to you because you used to cut yourself, that's a deal breaker. He sounds like a terrible boyfriend and a worse friend. Find people who accept you and don't mess with your head. xx 

Hannah M

by Dizzy Little Dreamer on 6/19/2013 12:12:41 AM


i was just hanging out with my friends. (boy and girl twins)me and the girl were once really close friends and we still casually talk, but she's not my BEST bff. Over the school year, me and her twin brother have gotten close. he's really sweet and fun, and he likes to hang out with me as much as i do. so, when i go to their house, i feel so guilty hanging with the boy, and not the girl... what do i do to make me and her not feel bad about this??


Hey girlie, try to hang out more with both of them at the same time. Watch a movie or play a game or do something else that you can all do together. Or agree to split up your time so that you spend part of with her and part of it with him.

Lauren T.

by <3watermelon<3 on 6/17/2013 6:40:58 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!
So me and my BGF like each other and we both know it. The only problem is, is that there's this 8th grade girl who likes him as well. And before he left on his big trip to New Mexico, he told her he liked her more than last time! (That's what the 8th grade girl told me, personally. She doesn't know me and him like each other.) I'm SOO confused! He told me one thing, but told her another! I know he wouldn't lie to me because he's a really honest person. I know he's not like that. I'm just confused and worried about why he told her he liked her, when he told me he liked me. PLEASE HELP! Thanks a lot!


Hey girlie, may that girl lied to you about what he said. She might know that he likes you and wants to make you jealous or wants you to give up on him. Or maybe he's confused about his feelings and likes both of you. If it's bothering you, talk to him about it. 

Lauren T.

by megagirrl on 6/16/2013 7:40:24 PM


So i finally talked to the guy i like. he doesn't go to my school but my friend goes to his. He know that i am friends with her and he even brought up our conversation and started saying nice things about me and she didn't bring it up! I saw him today and he kept smiling and looking at me. I wanted to talk to him again but i am too nervous. Does it sound like he might like me? Any tips for talking to him again? Thanks!


Hey! Yeah I think he might. Here are some tips for ya:

Helen S.

by SuperSwimmer1 on 6/15/2013 1:05:36 PM


Mod mod mod
I get really emotional when I am about to have my period. And I am supposed to be at camp when I should start my period. 2 years ago it was time to start my period and I was at camp I ended up getting really homesick and I almost went home and that was only for a week I was at camp. This time I will be there for 2 weeks. I really am looking forward to camp and don't want to get homesick. Any tips to help me push through so I don't call home? Thanks(:


Hey girl! We all get a little emotional around that time! Let yourself be a little homesick but then get out and enjoy the time you have at camp. It's normal to miss home, but you have an opportunity to meet awesome new people and experience fun new things! You'll be home before you know it!


Taeler L.

by Ljbdaisy on 6/15/2013 8:26:33 AM


ok well, my guy friend just told me that if it wasn't for his current crush he would be in love with me. what does that mean?


Hey girl! It sounds like he's a bit confused and trying to play some games. I wouldn't dwell on it too much and just see what happens over the next few weeks.


Taeler L.

by clll4321 on 6/15/2013 3:34:32 AM


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