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Sweetie: Smooth smooching

The camp I go to goes on a field trip every Friday. One Friday we went to a water park. My friend and I went...
17 Comments | Add Yours

1)Think of ur crush
2)Make a <3 with ur hands
3)kiss ur <3 hands
4)put ur <3 hands over ur REAL <3
Repost this in the next 30 minutes and ur crush will ask u out tmrw!<3

by ssglgirl on 6/28/2013 8:52:36 PM


never ,shouldn't , never play pranks on guys they very very very seriuos abou this!

by cocogirl50223 on 6/24/2013 6:34:50 PM


wait a min. there! so what do u rather have a boy with a packs (muscles) or sexually feelings?!?!

by cocogirl50223 on 6/24/2013 6:22:31 PM


i agree with all their sugesstion

by cocogirl50223 on 6/24/2013 4:11:39 PM


so, my boyfriend was over today, and when we kissed goodbye, he tried to use tongue, but I kept my mouth closed. How do I tell him I feel I'm to young to make out?


Hey girl,

Communication is important in a relationship. If you're not comfortable with anything, just let him know!


Caroline C.

by PuddinHead on 6/24/2013 3:01:45 PM


1)Think of ur crush
2)Make a <3 with ur hands
3)kiss ur <3 hands
4)put ur <3 hands over ur REAL <3
Repost this in the next 30 minutes and ur crush will ask u out tmrw!<3

by donsana on 6/24/2013 12:47:50 PM


That really is a great way to start a relationship. My friends and I love going to pool parties and I cant tell you how many relationships were started in a way like that. I think you will have a great summer with him. Something about water, sun and pool parties or water slides that make us flirty and ready for love or a summer fling.

by fashionqn on 6/23/2013 9:24:23 PM


*****Calling all Oncers*****
~This new club is Perfect for you! It's called Once.upon.a.time and it's for all Oncers, whether you've watched all the episodes, or whether you watched like 3.~
^^^^^Positions are open!^^^^^
You can post theories, fanfic, and more!
This will be a great way to keep yourself busy during the hiatus! (since the show will return in the fall.)
<3 Smile See you there!

by pandasrock292 on 6/23/2013 8:09:28 AM


1) Think of ur crush
2) Make a <3 w/ ur hands
3) kiss ur <3 hands
4) put ur <3 hands over ur REAL <3
Repost this in the next 30 mins. and ur crush will ask u out tmrw!<3

by Aimeelou730 on 6/23/2013 1:59:16 AM


Mod Mod Mod
So I really liked this guy who was one of my closest best guy friends. We used to hangout all the time at school and always talk, and it was never awkward. He really likes me and I really liked him, and he asked me out and we have been going out for only a week. The thing is, now we are going out, I like him more as a friend. There is almost no spark left for me. I know he is really into me, and I don't want to ruin our frindship but I think I want to go back to the way it used to be, when there was no expectations. I was really stupid and updated +y relationship status, and like 50 people liked it and almost all of my friends commented saying how cute we were.. I don't know what to do! If I break up with him it will really hurt him and al my friends are going to probably take his side. So I'm asking your advice, should I break it off now, or give it sometime and see how it goes? And if I should break up with him, how do I do it and stay friends? Sorry its so long Frown xx


Hey girlie! Sorry, this is an unfortunate situation. I would give it some time first, and see if the spark comes back. Spending some time away from one another can sometimes help respark things. If this doesn't work, just say to him very honestly, "I don't know if I'm ready for a relationship with you right now. Can we go back to being friends?" Hopefully he'll understand, but you can't go straight to being friends with him again, because he will have hurt feelings. Give him some time, and then try to be friends again. Hope this helps! xx 

Hannah M

by sparkleninja on 6/19/2013 9:15:48 AM

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