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Tackle your summer HW list--like, right now

With school out and the sun shining, that over-the-summer homework is the last thing on your mind. Your summer’s already stuffed with plans, and who...
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I'm going into eighth grade this year and my school doesn't send out school supply lists. What should I bring? Also, I was in the school play last year and want to do it again, but I get SO nervous before auditions. Any tips? Plus I want to make more friends but I don't know how. Thank you!


Hey girlie! You'll probably need a similar list of things that you had last year- binders for every class, calculator, pens.  Your teachers will give ya a heads up on the first day if you need anything special.  As for making friends- just be friendly! You don't have to do anything special, just be yourself and strike up conversations with people you don't normally talk to.  For your auditions, just take a deep breath before your auditions and remember that EVERYONE gets nervous sometimes.  Before you go into the room for auditions, bounce and wiggle your arms or do something else to get you moving quickly- that'll help get rid of some of the jittery feelings. Good luck! xoxo 

Kate G.

by 2funE on 8/15/2013 3:24:07 PM



When I'm waking up early for school, I'm really tired in the morning. What can I do to boost my energy to get through the morning?



Hey girl,

Be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep, and don't forget about breakfast! Green smoothies are great natural energy boosters. Check out the green possibilities here:


Caroline C.

by ContestLover1 on 8/13/2013 12:45:44 PM


I need help on how to organize myself this year. In my school there are no lockers so you have to carry everything you need from class to class and I have a HUGE backpack that is always bulging and heavy. I usually have binders with more than one subject in them, and I try to carry only what I need for that day, and it kind of worked for a year, but I feel like a walking locker and it's a little embarrassing. Any advice on how to downsize without sacrificing efficiency? Also, are there any tote bags that would work?

On a totally unrelated note, I have plenty of people I am friendly with but no real roots. how do I make at least a few really good friends this year? p.s. I am in a lot of clubs



Hey girl,

For downsizing, ask your teachers on the first day of school about which books you'll need in class and which ones you can keep at home just for homework and studying. Use thin notebooks and replace them when you're out of paper. That way you're not carying around a 5-subject notebook with 1000s of pages, when you'll only use a fraction of the paper all year. Make sure that your pencil case is light too. While we all love highlighters and markers for doodling, all you really need are two pencils, a few pens (1 blue/black, 1 red) and one highlighter at a time. You'll keep better track of your pens/pencils this way, and if you ever lose one, you can just bring a new one from a backup supply the next day. Backpacks are best because they distribute the weight more evenly than one-sided tote bags that can drag your arm down. Check out our August giveaway calendar in the mag for backpack/ tote bag inspo, and enter to win!


For friends, check out this Classroom Icebreakers article:

Strike up the convo with girls and guys, and you'll find that you have interests in common.


Caroline C.

by newsies on 8/13/2013 10:56:37 AM



So I just started high school on Monday. I used to go to school with a bunch of people that go there, but I'm not friends with them anymore. No matter what I do, I can't make any friends that have my same lunch period. I hang out with three people in one class, but I have no friends anywhere else. During lunch, i usually go sit with people I know, but they look at me like I have no friends and ignore me for the most part. I don't know what to do and I can't switch high schools because my only options started a month ago, and my mom won't let me do home schooling even though I have two friends that are. Help me? I'm very desperate...



Hey girl! I’m sorry this is happening, the first few days of
school are always rough. Keep a friendly smile on your face, and try to strike
up conversations with as many people as you can. Everyone may seem cold and
hard right now, but trust me when I say, it will get better. You’ll make
friends in places you never thought were possible.

Melissa T.

by Cukoclook on 8/8/2013 4:40:49 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!

I'm going to be a Junior this yr in high school and I am scared! Especially taking ACT! I'm also scared cuz Idk what to be after high school and what colleges because I'm going to be moving to another state after I graduate. I really love acting and writing but idk if I should be that cuz my mom wants me to be a nurse! HELP!



Hey girl! Relax, take a deep breath- it’s going to all work
out, we promise. Take an anatomy class and see if it interests you, and mom
will give you points for trying. In the meantime, stay close to what you love
to do- stay in theatre, and participate in English class. You’ve got plenty of
time before you have to plan out all
your life decisions! Enjoy high school.



Melissa T.

by JaliceFan01 on 8/1/2013 1:20:34 PM


Hey chicas! Need help with school, friends, boys, fashion, beauty, fitness, and everything in between? The join my club "Guide To A Fabulous YOU" today! Ask questions about anything or answer them too by becoming an officer! Advice will be given usually within 24 hours! Don't be afraid to have your own voice, join today!

by coolkitten24 on 7/23/2013 2:01:29 PM


Having major mayhem with homework or are you struggling with relationships of any sorts. Than I am the one to ask for help!

by zhalia103 on 7/11/2013 10:49:16 AM


Thanks Caroline, I'll email her right now =]

by gotobereal on 7/1/2013 4:32:32 PM


Hey,I've been a fan of Girls Life for a long time and just rediscovered the website. I was wondering how I can apply to be a moderator, if that's possible?




Hey girl,

That's great! You can email about your interest in at-home modding or follow these internship appication guidelines:



Caroline C.

by gotobereal on 7/1/2013 3:43:57 PM


I hate summer homework! Anybody who dosent have it is lucky!

by violagirl115 on 6/28/2013 8:41:07 PM

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