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Trends we heart: One-piece bathing suits

Swimsuits don’t always have to be revealing. In fact, some may even say that bikinis are starting to lose their appeal this summer. Instead, one-piece bathing suits...
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the second one looks like a vegas dancer...

by the_last_ninja on 7/14/2013 10:06:10 PM


The first two look a little tight for them... like they're trying to fit in a size too small so they feel smaller..

by missykp on 7/1/2013 12:14:35 PM


The first two bathing suits aren't really covering....

by abbyglow500 on 6/28/2013 11:59:50 AM


I really wouldn't recommend the first two, ESPECIALLY if you're buying them online. If they have even a little bit of wiggle room, once your underwater, people can see your chest. Also... they look a tad bit revealing for a one piece.

by LittleUsagiTewi on 6/26/2013 4:10:08 PM


MOD!!!MOD!!!MOD!!! I don't know what to do I am soooo bored! I has no siblings and all my friends are busy. My parents are working so I don't know what to do I feel kinda lonely... and the worste part is, is that I know it is going to be like this alot this summer with my friends going on vaca or camps so what can I do to beat the blues of being alone????? What do I do? Thanks xoxo, Angel


Hey GL girl! It sounds like you have a case of the summer blues. Whenever I'm bored, I try to think of what I can do or create! Since it's summer, it's important to do things you love but also to relax. Try relaxing with a good book or catching up on your fave TV show. If you like fashion, make a fashion collage! If you want a cuter wardrobe, try looking at Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ideas online or in books. If you love to sing, write songs during summer. And try to get together with your friends by seeing a movie or hanging out at the mall-there's tons of stuff to do!




by angelst.marie on 6/26/2013 2:35:38 PM


I love the third one. The first one is really cool too, but you would get really weird tan lines if you were out in the sun long! xD

by Chloe<3 on 6/26/2013 2:09:01 PM


I did ballet from 1st through 4th grade, but we moved in that summer and forgot to register me for 5th grade (it wasn't a huge move so I could have stayed with that company). I'm going into eight grade in September, so its been three years, and I really want to get back into ballet. However, since then money has become tight. I've found another company who has great reviews and whose rates are a little cheaper. I just don't know how to ask my mom because I know that it would put a lot of strain on her. What do I do ?!?!?



Hey GL girl! If you really love ballet, you should go for it. If money's tight, offer to mow your neighbor’s lawn or walk your friend’s dogs for some extra cash. Then after saving some cash, you might be able to pay some of the fee for class. However, if you don't have enough time or are super busy, talk to your mom. If you're afraid your mom would be upset or stressed, talk to her and tell her how much you love ballet. If you truly love ballet and explain to her why you'd like to take it and how dedicated you’d be, I'm sure she'll understand.




by Pinkcupcakekitties on 6/26/2013 1:51:47 PM


The first 2 are super revealing

by puella94 on 6/26/2013 1:10:06 PM

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