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Ed. Obsession under $5: For the perfect pop of color, this polish is everything

The perfect nail polish is a little bit like the perfect guy. Some boys are great for a few days, or maybe a certain occasion...
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I LOVE that nail color! My sister had a color just like it and when she came to visit she let me use it every time i wanted to paint my nails. I'm going to buy that!

by TravelCrazyChic2012 on 8/1/2013 2:56:14 AM


I'm going to try this out. Smile I really like the color!
I usually do my own nails when I'm in a rush and they look really bad. They end up looking worse because I end up touching stuff when it's still tacky and it's ruined. Frown

by YouCanCallMeCat on 7/24/2013 2:42:37 AM


I have a whole shelf of nail polish! I have about fifty different colors! I keep track of which ones I use and change the color every week so I get through them all!

by 15hayhay on 6/30/2013 8:28:28 AM


yeah I love the bright pink, my favorite nail color is probably wet and wild silver cuz it lasts for a really long time, and it goes with everything and I've had it for more than a year and it's still just as liquidy as when I got it. most of the nail polishes I've had for that long get pretty thick and are hard to put on.

by Casey_cookie on 6/28/2013 4:05:38 PM


Wet and wild has pretty great nail polish and its only a buck! Their eyeshadow is really really good too! Really pigmented. GL should give them a shout out.

by Chloe<3 on 6/28/2013 1:49:57 PM


Need advice? Go to my page and ask me any question at all. I'll answer it as soon as I can and as best as I can. If I can't answer it, then I'll try to find someone who can. Thanks for reading!

by scamp24 on 6/28/2013 1:10:51 PM


I want it!! I love the color and $4 is a good price for nail polish. But I already have too much nail polish, if it's possible. Tong

by scamp24 on 6/28/2013 1:10:26 PM


Mod mod mod
My crush has been sending me mixed signals. Last year, I told him I liked him. He gave me his number, and said he had to tell me something, but it couldn't be over fb. Then, his friend who liked me told me that my crush liked someone else. My crush avoided me after that. Now, ever since I wore a pretty dress and heels to a party, he's been staying in the same room with me, and not running away. I asked him if he saw something of mine, and without me asking, he helped me look. He was in a rush for no reason. Yesterday, his other friend accidentally kicked me in the face at karate. When I was sitting down, the friend asked if I was okay. Me and the friend talked for a little bit, and my crush nudged the friend's shoulder. My sister saw it, and said it looked like "back off, man". What does it mean? I've liked him for 11 months. How could I "accidentally" get us to start talking again like we did at the party? Thanks, Gl! Smile


Hey chica, here's some tough love. Move on! You should never spend 11 months crushing on someone. If you haven't seen progress in almost a year AND you told him you liked him already, then you should just count your loses and give your time and attention to someone else. He's had his chance! Hopefully that helped! xx  

jess d.

by isabellec on 6/28/2013 12:25:33 PM


So my crush and I are doing a play for the community theatre. I'm very shy in person, so I really don't talk much unless its to say my lines, but sometimes I Facebook chat with him. But except for the first time we talked, i always start the conversation. Two weeks ago, I left to go on vacation for two weeks, and there was no Internet. I also missed a few practices. When I got home, I saw that he had invited me to come to an older cast party. I'm kind of sad about it, because I have to work that night, so I can't go. I messaged him right away saying that I had to work, and he said he was sad about it, but he understood. He also asked where I had been lately. Do you think that he might like me? I know this isn't much to go off of, but is there a chance? Also, he's 17 and I'm 15, and he's friends with my older brother.


Hey chica, it sounds like he's interested! Just keep trying to feel him out and see if you can scoop out anymore signs. Good Luck! xx

jess d.

by janbradylolz on 6/28/2013 12:18:47 PM

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