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11-year-old painter Autumn de Forest spills what it's like to be an art prodigy

Autumn de Forest is 11 years old. She first picked up a paintbrush when she was five. And now? Now her work is sold around the...
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Hi I'm looking for my first job. I was just wondering what your first job was and how to go about it.




Hey girl,

I was a babysitter and pet sitter. (The best way to advertise for these jobs is flyers and word or mouth!). Then I worked as a busser in a small restaurant before becoming a waitress. Keep your eyes open for Help Wanted signs and online postings about position openings. The best way to apply for restuarant jobs (or pool snackbar or anything food-related, or even retail-related) is to show that you're a hard worker, especially if you don't have previous work experience to reference. (Since it's your first job, be sure to cite any volunteer experience- that counts too!).


First, pick up an applicaiton in person. Calling ahead to make sure they have apps to hand out is a smart way to save time. Ask a few questions about the job if a manager is available so you're informed about what they're looking for. Take the applicaiton home to fill out (get mom or dad to help!) and deliver it in person a day or two later. A few days after you've turned it in, call back and give your name, asking if your application reached a manager. Don't get discouraged if you don't hear back right away. It can take  time for managers to get through the paperwork.


Then comes the interview process- just make sure you look profressional and ask a lot of questions so that you're well-informed and know what to expect on the first day on the job. Applying to more than one place at once is smart because it will raise your chances for finding the right job that fits for you.

Good luck!


Caroline C.

by erinsbeast on 7/9/2013 11:37:33 AM


This is completely rehearsed.

by LittleUsagiTewi on 7/4/2013 4:04:29 PM


I just learned last night that my friend self-harms. She's been going through really hard times and now is suicidal. I told her she needs to tell someone, but she thinks she only be a burden. She has depression but doesn't want to tell anybody. I really need to tell someone. I know she woman she trusts most and I think I should send her an anonymous letter. I know I'm really risking our friendship, but this is sooo much more important. Do you think that's a good idea, or should I do something else/nothing? Please help me.



Hey girl! First of all, take a moment to pat yourself on the
back- you’re a really good friend. Now, go tell an adult. The best way is a
face-to-face meeting, where you can best express to the adult what’s going on
with your friend, and how you both may be able to help her. Once an adult
knows, make suer to let your friend know that you’re here to help her through
anything, and most importantly, to help her recover. Let your friend know that
you’re there to listen. Remember, it’s not betraying her trust to bring in
outside help from a responsible adult- years from now, she might even thank



Melissa T.

by Scooby239 on 7/4/2013 1:19:40 PM


She sounds very mature

by myfatsquirrel on 7/4/2013 1:15:40 PM

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