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Is it really all about your body type? 45 Pounds (more or less) weighs in

What’s it like having a perfect mother and being the not-so-perfect daughter? Well, 16-year-old Ann Galardi knows this all too well. Or at least she...
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HEY! Want to talk about this book and others? Then come on to R U A READER! In this club we would talk about your fav. books and authors. Ill give you advice on anything you need and advice on other books you should read! Enjoy!

by XrazorX8 on 7/15/2013 4:25:46 PM


The one thing I love about myself is that I have a natural tan that all the girls at my school are trying to achieve.

by mayanunna on 7/9/2013 3:08:18 PM


My Uncle's Wedding is in October, and I'm 30 pounds overweight, and I'll be 15 by then. I gotta get rid of this extra weight, fast! All I want is most if not all of my tummy gone, cause I'd like to lean over to tie my shoe without gasping for air, and look good in a brand new dress, for the wedding.
Any Advice?



Hey girl,

Setting reasonable, reachable goals is ths first move. That way you don't get overwhelmed in the next few months. Talk to your parents and doctor about a healthier diet-- and get involved in the kitchen! The best way to control what you're eating is to make it yourself and see what goes into each dish. Find a work out routine that works for you, doing an activity you love. In the summer, swimming is a great option! Check out this GL article for extra advice:  http://www.girlslife.com/post/2010/10/11/I-Cant-Lose-Weight.aspx



Caroline C.

by abbyrocks1998 on 7/9/2013 4:19:15 AM


I want to lose 22 pounds. How do I do this safely ?

by Eidsa on 7/8/2013 9:39:07 PM


✮✮✮Oncers, you're invited!✮✮✮
This club is perfect for all Oncers. Here you can post
❤ Once Upon a Time Fanfiction
❤ Theories
❤ Favorite Characters
❤ Reactions to certian scenes
❤ Or you can literally just rant! Smile

Positions for Treasurer and Secretary are open! We are looking for a new custom position and if we have enough people joining this club, I was thinking about having an election for the custom position Smile
Soooooo, What do you think?
Join the club Once.upon.a.time TODAY Smile

by pandasrock292 on 7/8/2013 9:31:41 PM


This book looks really good!

by bakergal14 on 7/8/2013 8:17:26 PM


So I have a smaller waist, chest, arms, neck, torso but I have long legs. What's up with that?

Also were can I buy some cute high waisted shorts that will fit a small waist and thighs. Thanks!!



Hey girl,

Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. You can find cute high waisted shorts just about anywhere-  just shop around online because they're totally in style right now.

Caroline C.

by MakeupLover245 on 7/8/2013 3:32:41 PM


how to gain weight in a healthy way? i have genetics that make me really skinny and i dont eat meat because of my family morals. you can see my collarbones and im not even anorexic! HELP ME




Hey girl,

Visible collar bones doesn't mean you're unhealthy- everyone's body is different! If you're worried about weight gain, just make sure you're getting plenty of protein, calcium and iron. (Dairy, nuts and leafy greens are great!) Talk to your doctor about a healthy vegetarian diet. 


Caroline C.

by pandasrock292 on 7/8/2013 2:00:01 PM

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