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How to make unbelievably boring summer work sorta-kinda fun

Sometimes, summer homework assignments are acceptable. You know, occasionally there’s a book for Language Arts that you surprisingly enjoy. Or you find those math problems so easy...
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Well, I have English and Arabic summer reading homework, and trust me, although I live in an Arab country, Arabic is the hardest language I take among that and English and French. Plus, I have a really crammed summer schedule and, you might find this childish, but it doesn't have pics and it's about 50 pages in small handwriting! I'm not really good at Arabic and whenever I look at the book, I feel less motivated to finish the boredom off! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hey girl,

Set a reasonable schedule for yourself to help yourself get it done- a bit each day. Talk to you parents for help and see about a tutor-- totally worth it if it lightens your load and makes the work less stressful.

Good luck!


Caroline C.

by musicalmimz2000 on 7/30/2013 11:16:52 AM


The best part is that I'm procrastinating on a summer assignment at this very moment, so I'm sorry, but it seems like I'm uncurable

by maktillo on 7/12/2013 11:34:50 PM


CALLING ALL IPOD OWNERS or anyone who loves music!!! Come join the cool club, "ipod owners" We talk about anything music related! Come join the fun today! Smile

by Ralinia on 7/12/2013 9:48:07 AM


Hey girls! Need help finding outfits for your first day of school or your first date? Just finished cramming the night before and look terrible? Check out Fashion ASAP and get advice on your skin, body, hair, nail how-to's, makeup and awesome outfits here that fit your taste and style! I will help you with your problems ASAP (usually within 24 hours) and you'll receive fabulous answers.

by Emilicious on 7/12/2013 12:57:42 AM


MOD! MOD! Do guys usually kiss a girl goodbye after bringing her home on a first date? Or do they usually just give them a hug goodbye after walking them to their door? I'm 16 and going on my first date tomorrow so I want to know what to expect. Thanks.

Hey girlie,

It really depends on
the situation and what both of you are comfortable with! If you’ve known each
other for a long time or been friends before, he might be more inclined to be
more close to you, or the two of you might want to wait until you’ve gone on a
few more dates. You don’t have to worry about what to expect—if he does
anything you’re not ready for, whether it’s a kiss, holding hands or a hug,
just tell him that you want to get to know him more and to take your
relationship a little slower. He’ll understand, and he’s probably nervous too!
Have fun on your date Smile


Meghan D.

by medapop on 7/11/2013 11:49:06 PM


I emailed Trish about Mystic by Alyson Nole, it was a book I won that I still haven't gotten yet. She said they were mailed out last week (I emailed her July 3rd) and its been 2 weeks and its still not here yet. So I emailed her again this week. Also last August I won the Starpatched Duffle Bag and its been 11 months and I still haven't gotten it. Why whenever I win a prize I never get it?


Hey! Have you checked with your local post office? It does sometimes happen that things get lost or mis-delivered so it can be useful to ask about that. I'm sorry girl, but I bet the book will be there soon. it could take 4-6 weeks (from the time you won) for it to arrive.

Helen S.

by hinatagal on 7/11/2013 7:33:11 PM


I need help. I'm starting high school in a few months and it's the first time going to school in a different town and I want to reinvent myself as I hated who I was. I just want to have a fresh start and maybe find who I truly am. Can you please give me some ideas on how to "reimagine" myself? Thanks Smile


Hey! Hate's a strong word, but it's totally normal to want to change things up for this new phase in your life. The best way to do it is to learn something new. What have you always been afraid to try? Have you always thought you could never draw? sing? be an athelete? You might surprise yourself. Go for an extracurricular that freaks you out a bit (but that you wish the "new" you was good at) and you'll develop a whole new talent. It's fun, engaging, and you might just discover yourself and meet new people. What have you got to lose?

Helen S.

by annala99 on 7/11/2013 6:00:02 PM


Weird! I have to read Tom Sawyer this summer! The book is okay, so I make myself read it 5 chapters a day.

by SILly0905 on 7/11/2013 5:47:40 PM

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