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A quiz for anyone

Hey babes! Here's a quiz for anyone from a GL reader just like you. Please leave your answers in the comments, cuties. 1. Big Time Rush...
35 Comments | Add Yours

1. Big Time Rush or One Direction? I guess one direction
2. High tops or moccasins? well in winter moccasins but in all other seasons hightops
3. Summer or winter? both
4. Shopping or swimming? hmmm.. I like both but probs shopping
5. Writing or reading? hmmm both.
6. Bowling or biking? biking
7. Texting or tweeting? texting i don't have a twitter yet
8. Cell Phone or laptop? laptop
9. Girly or tomboy? people say I'm a girly girl but I'm trying to start proving them wrong.
10. Black or purple? both

by fashiongirl43 on 7/21/2013 7:32:30 PM


BTR or 1D? 1D!!!
High tops or moccasins? High tops
Summer or winter? SUMMER!!!!!!
Shopping or swimming? Shopping, Shopping,Shopping!
Texting or twetting? Texting
Cell phone or laptop? I love my phone!
Girly or tomboy? People say I'm more of a girly girl than tomboy
Black or purple? I like pink but between black and purple I would chose purple.

by Girly2468 on 7/21/2013 7:25:08 PM


1. Big Time Rush or One Direction? 1D
2. High tops or moccasins? high tops
3. Summer or winter? summer Laughing
4. Shopping or swimming? shopping... water always gets stuck in my ear and pool water usually makes my skin dry out
5. Writing or reading? reading
6. Bowling or biking? biking
7. Texting or tweeting? texting
8. Cell Phone or laptop? laptop
9. Girly or tomboy? girly
10. Black or purple? purple

by raininghippos on 7/21/2013 4:30:23 PM


1. Big Time Rush or One Direction? One Direction
2. High tops or moccasins? Moccasins
3. Summer or winter? Summer
4. Shopping or swimming? Shopping
5. Writing or reading? Reading
6. Bowling or biking? Bowling
7. Texting or tweeting? Texting
8. Cell Phone or laptop? Laptop
9. Girly or tomboy? Girly
10. Black or purple? Purple

by maggie183 on 7/21/2013 2:18:47 PM


1. Big Time Rush or One Direction? I guess One Direction.
2. High tops or moccasins? Moccasins. I like Converse but I don't really like high tops.
3. Summer or winter? I like both for different reasons.
4. Shopping or swimming? Swimming.
5. Writing or reading? Reading.
6. Bowling or biking? Both.
7. Texting or tweeting? Texting.
8. Cell Phone or laptop? Cell phone.
9. Girly or tomboy? Girly.
10. Black or purple? Purple.

by hawaiigirl624 on 7/21/2013 1:13:51 PM

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