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A quiz for anyone

Hey babes! Here's a ridiculously random quiz for anyone from a GL reader just like. Please leave your answers in the comments, and send in...
32 Comments | Add Yours

1. Seoul
2. Rice,Eggrolls,or Papaya Salad
3. Yea
4. Scotland
5. Korean
6. Italian
7. Real Mexican food
8. No
9. No
10. Yes.

by mizuki on 7/23/2013 2:18:28 PM
7.real Mexican
10.not really

by brooketrout on 7/23/2013 10:22:01 AM


1. Tokyo
2. rice and chicken
3. i dont think so...
4. Ireland
5. Chinese
6. Italian
7. real Mexican food
8. no
9. yes. Canada
10. not really... ive listened to gangman style if that counts... and british singers

by emmiky on 7/22/2013 6:58:39 PM


1. Seoul
2. I dunno I love Asian food Smile
3. Yes, many
4. OHMYGOODNESS it is impossible for me to choose!!
5. Chinese
6. I dunno I love them both
7. REAL Mexican Food! Taco Bell is DISGUSTING
8. No
9. No Frown I live in Canada and I love it here but I
wish I could travel the world
10. Yup

by hermionegirl12 on 7/22/2013 6:32:41 PM


1. Hong Kong
2. Idk... anything edible I guess lol Laughing
3. Yeshie
4. Ireland!!
5. Chinese
6. Italian
7. Real Mehican Food lol
8. No, not really
9. Nope
10. Sometimes...

by Nialler_4_ever on 7/22/2013 5:23:18 PM


1. Definitely Tokyo
2. Rice, ramen, or sushi
3. Yes
4. I'm not sure
5. Japanese
6. Italian food
7. I love Taco Bell
8. Nope, I get used to it when I watch anime
9. Yes
10. Yes!

by meepala21 on 7/22/2013 3:24:07 PM


I hope this entertains someone out there!
1.Seoul( I have never heard of it and now need
to learn more!!! )
2.SUSHI-i couldn't live without you my raw friend!
3.I have seen films filmed in foreign places but I
don't know if that counts!?
4.Scotland, cute Scottish boys and accents here I
5.Chinese-I have always wondered what the people
are saying about us at the Chinese take out place!
6.Italian all the way!
7.REAL Mexican food-puh, I spit on Taco bell ( I
know many, many people that have left there with
a takeout order of food poisoning-yuck! )
8.My dvd player has been stuck in subtitle mode for
the past year so I am kind of stuck choosing sub-
titles. If anyone else has that problem or tips on
how to fix it please help!
9.No Frown But all seven continents are on my bucket
10.Last but never least- No, I do not think I have
ever listened to foreign music unless Harry Potter theme music counts as British-then yes!

by poetpower on 7/22/2013 9:39:01 AM


1) Tokyo
2) Tempura shrimp or sushi
3) Yes
4) Scotland
5) Japanese
6) Italian food
7) real Mexican food
8) nope
9) yes, Mexico
10) Yes Japanese music and vocaloids.

by Animevocaloidfan22 on 7/22/2013 6:12:49 AM


OMG this is my survey! I hope you girls like it Smile
1 would you rather go to Seoul Tokyo or Hong Kong? that's hard but Tokyo
2 favorite Asian food? Japanese I love sushi and tempura
3 have you ever seen any foreign films? yes
4 would you rather go to Ireland or Scotland? Ireland!!!!!
5 would you rather learn to speak Korean Japanese or Chinese? Korean
6 Italian food or Polish food Italian food although I do like potato pancakes
7 Taco bell or real Mexican food? real Mexican food no doubt about it
8 do you mind watching a movie with subtitles? nope it's interesting
9 have you ever been to another country? no but I want to
10 do you listen to foreign music? yup!

by redvelvetluv on 7/21/2013 9:21:43 PM


1. Would you rather go to Seoul, Tokyo or Hong Kong? Hong Kong!!!!
2. Favorite Asian food? Um, hard to decide, but I guess the winner is sticky rice!
3. Have you ever seen any foreign films? Yupsies.
4. Would you rather go to Ireland or Scotland? Ireland.
5. Would you rather learn to speak Korean, Japanese or Chinese? Japanese.
6. Italian food or Polish food? Italian food.
7. Taco Bell or real Mexican food? REAL Mexican food.
8. Do you mind watching movie with subtitles? I like subtitles!
9. Have you ever been to another country? Yup!
10. Do you listen to foreign music? Sometimes, but not very often...

by pepper444 on 7/21/2013 5:41:14 PM

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