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10 ways not to let being shy get in your way this year

Being shy can keep us from a lot of what this life has to offer. Below are some ways you can overcome the shyness and become...
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This year I really want to branch out from my friends. But at my school things are grouped from losers (boy,girl mix), the nerds (boy,girl mix), girls that are nice to everyone (girls only), boys tht have potential (boys only), and the populars (boy,girl mix). I wuld b classified between nerds and girls that are nice to everyone. (Not my classifications btw) i've been trying to branch out but i have a different mindset from kids in my school. What they think is cool i think is stupid. What i think is funny they think is weird. So when i tlk with them i pretend to like wht they like but i cant relate as easily and tlk very well with the girls tht are nice and popular. But my friends are no different and from them. So basically, how do i branch out without having a lot in common with them? This post was helpful btw but i just need a bit more detail.


Hey yannarox, the first thing you need is confidence. If you truly love yourself, you won't feel the need to pressure yourself into hanging with people you don't like or really connect with. When you are confident you're okay with being by yourself, because you can enjoy your own company. So once you are sure of yourself, then look for people who share the same interests as you. And when I say look for people like you, I don't mean force friendships (because they will probably be fake and not last very long), but when you see someone you like don't be afraid to approach them. And also remember, it's ok to not have every single thing in common with your friends. Differences is what makes relationships interesting. Just take time getting to know people. Try talking to that one kid in your class you never say anything to. Or sit at a new lunch table in the cafeteria. Or stay after school for a few minutes to chat with other students. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by yannarox on 8/11/2013 10:13:54 PM



How do you become a moderator?

Hey girlie,

Our mods start out as
GL interns, and you can find out more about that on this website. Just remember
that you have to be 18!


Meghan D.

by gosinging on 8/8/2013 8:45:54 PM



So I'm going into 9th grade, high school. Yay. I'm really worried though! I have 0 friends in most of my classes. And so many people in my grade hate me for no reason! I am known as the shy, awkward, nerdy, small girl who never says anything in class. I also have terrible anxiety and tourettes syndrome which makes my eyes blink a lot....Most kids either ignore me or make fun of me. Some are nice to me, but obviously do not want to be my friend. I feel like I'm going to have a terrible year! I'm slowly coming out of my shell but no one notices it. I'm still invisible. How can I make some new friends in my classes and speak up in class without panicking and also how can I get more people to like me?

((I wish everyone lived by what I live by: You don't have to like everybody, but you have to respect everybody))

Thhankkks Smile

by gosinging on 8/8/2013 8:44:36 PM


Im really scared for this year. IM going into grade 8 and thats not really the reason im scared.
Over the summer i was severly depressed and was cutting myself and gained weight. Also my hair is a really ugly colr and i cant change it. I dont really have a lot of friends at school so im just scared that im going to be made fun of. Help?


Hey chica, The first step is to make sure you get help with your depression and self harm.  The next step is to start doing things that make you feel good about yourself.  Try working out, joining a sport or club, or mastering a new skill.  All of these are great ways to learn new things and to meet new people.  Plus, the confidence it gives you will give you the strength to stand up to anyone who makes fun of you- they aren't worth your time, anyway! xoxo

Kate G.

by Mekayla on 8/1/2013 3:27:02 PM


Mod Mod Mod Mod
Every so often I have nights where I simply can not sleep. I lay in bed until I cant stand it anymore, try reading, etc. It's 4 am right now where I am. I just read a whole novel (like 300 some pages) from cover to cover, and i'm listening to calming music, but I cant sleep! Please Help!


Hey girl! So about two hours before you go to bed, you're going to want to turn off all of your electronics, stop eating, and change into more comfortable clothes. Sit in a not-so-comfy chair and start reading a boring book (I'm talking boring - one of those classics they make you read in school that is just a snoozefest). When you get to a point where you are tired, your eyes are closing, you've read the same paragraph three times without understanding it, etc, hop in bed, close your eyes, and start counting your breaths. Deep inhales, deep exhales. You'll be snoozing in no time! xx 

Hannah M

by aubstar22 on 7/31/2013 7:48:42 AM



How does crackle work? And how do I use it? Also, does nail polish correspond to your hair? If so, what would go well with brunette?


Hey adeleeevee, crackle is really cool. You apply a coat of regular nail polish to your nails, then add the crackle on top, and let it break up, creating the design. Nail polish doesn't always have to match with your hair or anything. Pick colors that you like. Think of which colors would look nice with your crackle nail polish. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by adeleeevee on 7/30/2013 6:10:23 PM


Mod Mod Mod

Hayy Girlslife,
I am a very very shy girl I dnt talk to anybody but my besties and some associates. I feel uncomfortable around certain people and can't look them in they eye soooooo what I am asking is the ways to help someone like me



Hey girl,

You gotta build up your confidence! If you don't like looking people in the eye, you can look at their "third eye"-- the space between eyebrows/above your nose. That way it looks like you're looking them in the eye. Speak up and don't be afriad to strike up a convo/small talk.


Caroline C.

by MzBeauty13 on 7/30/2013 3:01:31 AM


I stopped doing cheerleading 2 years ago, and I'm thinking about doing it again. I loved the dance and cheer parts, but I didn't like stunting and I can't tumble at all! (I can barely do a forward roll lol). So I was wondering if u could suggest an activity for me! Btw I'm in 8th grade, not too flexible and medium weight and short. Thx!!!


Hey girl! Cheerleading is sort of a mix of gymnastics and dance. It seems like you're not a huge fan of the gymnastics part of it, so maybe stick with dance! Join a dance team, take classes in Jazz, Hip-Hop, or even Ballet, or just try a dance-inspired class at the gym, like Zumba! Hope this helps! xx 

Hannah M

by Meesby11 on 7/29/2013 3:35:47 AM


How should I type it out though?


Hey girlie, how about something like "Here's my number if you want to keep talking off twitter." And then give him your number. But only give him your number or ask for his if he's someone that you know in real life and not just online. 

Lauren T.

by Rissa Kay on 7/28/2013 8:32:31 PM


MOD This may sound stupid, but I'm almost 16 and haven't had a boyfriend, or my first kiss. Its hard because all of my friends have had all this boy experince and I feel let out. I know that I'm independent, and I am proud to be that way, but I do wish that sometimes I had a boyfriend. I get all scared that I'm gonna be alone forever. My mom says that I need to calm down because I will find someone, but idk, I just can't help but wonder if anything is ever gonna work out. Sorry if this is hard to answer!


Hey girlie, it doesn't sound stupid. There's nothing wrong with you, and you definitely won't be alone forever! Just because you haven't found the right person yet doesn't mean you're not going to. I knew a lot of girls in high school who never had a bf until college, and it's worth holding out for the right person. He'll come along.

Lauren T.

by dancerhn on 7/28/2013 8:11:04 PM

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