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Exactly how to tell him you're not interested--broken down by guy

Being liked by a guy is totally awesome—if you return his feelings. However, if ya don’t, it can quickly turn into a sticky stitch. For...
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by NiallHluver_1 on 7/27/2013 7:48:12 PM


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by Ceceandrocky20 on 7/27/2013 6:20:26 PM


Some guys are just so persistent it can drive you crazy. Even after letting them know you arent interested they keep coming. It can be such a downer to have to tell them again and again but sometimes you have to hurt their feelings.

by fashionqn on 7/27/2013 4:33:27 PM


so theres this guy, Roger, and he has a gf, Steph. Roger and I hung out when we were younger. Hes a year younger than me but Steph and I are in the same grade. Roger has just contacted me and we have been texting for like a week. Yesterday Roger said that he kinda likes me but that i cant tell anyone because Steph is friends with some of my friends. Theres a small problem: I really like Roger too, Steph and I have had problems in the passed and we dont really get along (we dont talk anymore), and we live like 1400 away. Hes starting to become one of my best friends and we both like each other. I just moved to another state and i dont know what to do. Advice???


Hey girl! Tricky situation! Since he lives so far away, it might be best to keep up the friendship for a while. Take it day by day and see what happens with Roger and Steph. Best to stay out of as much drama as possible. Good luck!


Taeler L.

by Little-Miss-Country on 7/27/2013 12:20:02 PM




Hey girl!  I would definitely let someone know or defriend him. That's not okay and he shouldn't be making you feel uncomfortable. Talk to your mom or a trusted adult and let them know what's up and how it's made you feel. They will be able to help you figure out what to do next.


Taeler L.

by splashofpink14 on 7/27/2013 11:22:48 AM


Mod mod taeler L.
Thanks sooo much! That actually makes a ton of sense! I will definitely try and see what happens.
My problem is im really soft spoken, and pretty bad at faking how I actually feel, usually when he talks about them im really silent because I want him to not talk about them. So how/ what could I say to seem like im interested? What kind of questions should I ask?


You could just ask more about what they did together. Ask him if they play sports or if they're in clubs at school. He will feel good that you're even interested in talking about them so he will take it from there I'm sure. Good luck!  

Taeler L.

by becca<3's you on 7/27/2013 9:27:58 AM


Mod mod mod!
Im not able to see my bf as often as we'd like. But we skype all the time. Anyways, our conversations used to be real deep and we would talk about each others dreams, strengths, weaknesses, our relationship. When we first met he was the one who had a few really good friends but that's it. Ever since he changed schools he's had more "friends" he's told me about them but they arnt all that great of people. (They are both, girls and boys)But back to the skypeing.. He tends to go off talking about his friends and stuff, every conversation is moving more towards them instead of us. He tells me about his friends and stuff but most of the time that's all he talks about! And honestly I have no interest in his friends, our situation is weird so I wouldn't even be able to met them anyways. I guess im wonder how can I aim the convo back to us instead of them? How can I get the real deep convos back? Thanks so much


Hey girl! He may just want to share with you what's going on in his day to day. Listen to him and maybe ask some questions. He will appreciate your interest in his life and then maybe the convo will get back to what you're wanting to chat about!


Taeler L.

by becca<3's you on 7/27/2013 8:48:19 AM


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by Emilicious on 7/27/2013 12:36:14 AM

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