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Bummed 'cause I didn't make the cut...and my buds did

There is a group at my school called peer leaders. You have to try out for it and it is kind of hard to get...
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That happened to me once. All you need to do is find an extracurricular activity that you enjoy, and go for it! Give it your all, and don't be afraid to express yourself.
And most of all, have fun!

by twlightfreak44 on 8/7/2013 12:58:35 PM


Mod mod mod! Okay so I have a group of 5 bestfriends. We all love each other. Anyway 3 of the, got their first kisses like in May-Juneish and we were all excited for them. My friend and I weren't that worried because we had the whole summer before 8th grade to see if we could get it. It's no basically August and my friend had her last nightFrown I haven't had mine yet and I can't stop thinkin about it. My friend told me she felt the same way and she said run up and kiss someone random at the beach and lie and say you thought it was someone different. I thought it was kind of funny... But I was thinking. Any tips? Frown


Hey Marylofal16, your first kiss is special. I wouldn't rush it girl. Let it happen when it will. I know that's hard when you're the only one it hasn't happened to, but when you look back you'll be so happy that you waited. Would you rather a random at the beach (who could respond in any way to a sudden kiss) or a boy you really like who wants to kiss you back? If it helps any, I and a couple of my friends had our first kisses late. Think about it chica. Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by Marylofal16 on 7/28/2013 10:42:59 PM


MOD MOD MOD, I need your help. Ok so pretty much my best friend in the whole world is my cousin who lives in Pennsylvania. Her and her twin brother came out to visit us this summer, and we had a ton of fun. Anyways so we introduced them to one of our other family friends (who we somehow spent time with every day in the week and a half that they were there). But now, even when they are back in Pennsylvania she keeps saying oh ya I miss the "...." (the other family) but she hasn't said anything about missing me or my family. I know it's stupid to let it bother me but I just want my best friend back.


Hey girlie, maybe she just thinks it's assumed that she misses you. Tell her that you miss her, and she'll probably tell you that she misses you too.

Lauren T.

by hawaiigirl624 on 7/28/2013 1:28:47 PM


Www don't feel too bad. One year I was chosen to do something like that at my school. To be honest it wasn't that fun. Maybe ifyou go out for icecream you'll feel better, I know I always do! Smile

by justrainbowz on 7/26/2013 11:59:32 PM


The exact same thing happpened to me last year and that's all my friends would talk about. I just made friends with people in the classes I had and talked about that with them. Now, my friends started talking about it less.

by londonlaura123 on 7/26/2013 11:40:42 PM


Good luck girl! Just try a new sport or get into community service outside of schoolSmile

by myfatsquirrel on 7/26/2013 9:33:59 PM


Hey Girls! Check out my advice queen page! I cover Fashion, Clothes, Boys, School and more!!! Check it out and become a fan! AND REMBER, BE COLORFUL!!!

by ceceandrocky20 on 7/26/2013 11:41:54 AM


Hey girls! Need help finding outfits for your first day of school or your first date? Just finished cramming the night before and look terrible? Check out Fashion ASAP and get advice on your skin, body, hair, nail how-to's, makeup and awesome outfits here that fit your taste and style! I will help you with your problems ASAP (usually within 24 hours) and you'll receive fabulous answers.

by Emilicious on 7/26/2013 1:00:24 AM

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