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Home remedies to get super long lashes

Every girl out there wants the longest and the thickest eyelashes. But how do you get the perfect lash when your natural ones just aren’t...
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MOD ok so would love to be a famous actress and stuff. I already do community theater but I really wanna go further with my it. PLEASE HELP!!!


Hey girlie, look online and try to find auditions in your area or somewhere easy for you to get to that you could go to. I'm sure you can find auditions for local commercials, or maybe even a TV show or movie.  

Lauren T.

by lizzy38 on 8/11/2013 2:46:46 PM


Quick Tip: If your not old enough to wear mascara, may I suggest clear mascara. Or if your really strict pit Vaseline on your finger and pit it on your eyelash as you would mascara. ( makes eyelashes appear longer!!!!!)

by Kutiekyshae on 8/9/2013 7:30:20 PM


I entered the maybelline mascara contest, when do we know who won?

by sammyy99 on 8/9/2013 7:20:26 PM


Mod mod mod mod mod mod!!
I'm 12 years old and have been picking my nails for so long! I really want to stop! Repeat, PICKING. The only things I can find are things for biting your nails. I have products that make my nails grow but I still pick. Also, sometimes I can wear gloves but I can't wear them 24/7. Please help!! Thank you Smile

Hey girlie,

Articles about nail biting
will still be helpful, because breaking bad habits generally have similar
causes and solutions across the board. You could provide an incentive, like you
would paint your nails or eat a dessert if you didn’t pick them, or ask a
friend or family member to keep you honest about your progress. I would also
talk to your guidance counselor about what could be causing the habit. Good


Meghan D.

by olivia1234 on 8/8/2013 10:27:37 PM


i use olive oil and it works too

by islandgirl23 on 8/8/2013 9:49:06 PM


I got into a pageant but now I have to get $195 in two weeks how can I raise money

Hey girlie,

Congrats! I would
talk to your parents to make sure the pageant is a legitimate organization
before you pay. You could hold a bake sale or yard sale, babysit and do odd
jobs in your neighborhood, or try to find a job, but two weeks is a pretty
short turnaround! Maybe you could borrow some of the money from your parents in
exchange for extra chores in the future. I’m sure they’ll help you figure out
your money situation!


Meghan D.

by Mrsalicia on 8/8/2013 8:51:09 PM


Mod mod mod
I feel like I'm so addicted to electronics right now! How can i turn everything off for awhile ( other than setting a timer cause that didn't work) thx

by paigepanda11 on 8/8/2013 7:46:51 PM


MOD MOD! Could any of these procedures hurt your actual eye? And how long does it take to work?


Hey! be very careful not to get vaseline in your eye, but as long as it's just on your lashes it's ok. I don't know exactly how long it will take, i would guess 2 weeks?

Helen S.

by myfatsquirrel on 8/8/2013 7:02:48 PM



This is a weird question, but do you have any advice in getting a job as a model? It's my dream job but I don't know where to start to help me in the future. There aren't any very well known agencies where I live so I have no clue what to do. There's no guarantee it will happen, but I was hoping for tips that will be really helpful. Thanks Smile



Hey girl! You have a good outlook on this. The first step to
becoming a model is to build up your portfolio. Start with small jobs, with
local (not sketchy- for the love of all that is good, please bring your parent
with) photographers. Usually these photographers will photograph you for free,
and it can build up your portfolio and theirs. After you have a few sample
shots, try bringing them to other agencies in a town near you. If you live in
the middle of nowheresville, you can always mail or email them to different
companies, and the agencies can decide if they like you or not- and take it
from there. Be careful!

Melissa T.

by cloudyday on 8/8/2013 4:39:11 PM


I'm looking for some white eyeliner and I would like to know what you would suggest as a good brand of white eyeliner to use.



Hey girl! When it comes to eyeliner, I go cheap- for me, it’s
just as good as the expensive stuff. NYX (you can find it at drugstores)
usually has every color, including white, for just one or two dollars.

Melissa T.

by HockeyLuver on 8/8/2013 3:22:35 PM

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