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First day outfits inspired by our fave school flicks

Every summer, one of our most favorite things to do is go shopping for a totally new—and fab—school wardrobe. The most important time to wow...
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The only movies I liked here are Clueless and Pretty in Pink. Tong And um, where's Mean Girls?

by splendisa on 8/14/2013 3:53:00 PM


hi, where can i find the wannabead top(in real, not online)


Hey girlie! This top is only sold online (I think), but you can probably find other ones similar to it in stores like Forever 21. xoxo 

Kate G.

by _karen_ on 8/13/2013 5:04:23 PM


Mod mod mod!
I can't get ahold of my BFF to meet up for the first day of school I don't have any other close friends that go to my school so how can I get more friends and not feel so alone?


Hey girlie, just be friendly. Smile at people and talk to people in your classes. Even having something small in common with someone gives you something to talk about. 

Lauren T.

by Mrsalicia on 8/12/2013 5:10:04 PM


I wear a uniform and the dress codes kinda strict. How can I add my own girly touch? We wear grey finger tip pleated skirts, a white or purple polo with our schools symbol on it, and our socks are white and reach to our anklebone. I have a pair of black sperrys for shoes. Our school also has a reputation for being classy. Its an all girls school. We can wear: a tie (they provide them) a purple or grey or black cardigan or sweatshirt (also provided so they're all the same) Any cool makeup or hair ideas? Please help I hate uniformity!!! We can wear pretty much any jewelry too.



Hey girl,

Check out GL's Style Channel for cool hair and accessory ideas. One of my favorite hair ideas is a DIY bun wrap!



Wear mix-match rings and mulitiple thin bracelets for an ecclectic look. Or try out some statement earrings. Natural makeup work well for school. 


Caroline C.

by nutmeg2009 on 8/12/2013 5:01:15 PM



Ok so im going to Italy in a couple of days, and i have no idea what to wear on the plane. I have travelled A LOTTTT and i've tried everything. Im always freezing in shorts. Jeans are extremly uncomfertable. I also dont want to wear sweats since i just feel sloppy. After all these planes, i still havent figured out what the perfect outfit is for travelling! What should i wear? Also do you think i could wear my contacts on the plane? I usually dont, but i lost my glasses last time i wore them on the plane so i dont want to risk it again.


Hey girlie, wear yoga pants or leggings with a comfy top. You'll be comfortable without looking sloppy in sweats. Wear your contacts on the plane but take your case already filled with solution in your purse. That way if they start to get uncomfortable or you want to fall asleep you can easily take them out.

Lauren T.

by Fashiondiva4 on 8/11/2013 8:43:46 PM


i absolutely love all these movies, i watched all them with my mom, and sis, except Hsm and these are great outfits thx Smile

by Kacieluvs2dance on 8/11/2013 4:23:39 PM


Mod mod mod!!!
Ok so my mom is getting really annoying lately. Like today I was trying on jeans I currently have to see if they still fit. I tried on skinny jeans that fit, because they were looser when I put them on. And my mom said I looked like a fat sausage and made me throw them out!!! And I'm not fat I'm only like 95 pounds and the jeans weren't even trashy or anything.


Hey girlie, let her know that when she says stuff like that it upsets you. She might not realize that she's hurting or offending you and needs a reminder. 

Lauren T.

by sophlida on 8/11/2013 3:55:18 PM


I honestly think on the first day of school you should wear something that says "you" so people can tell who you are. The first day is great for first or new impressions!

Hey girls! If you need advice or anything, become a fan of my advice page! I'll help with anything you need!

by 1cindercinder3 on 8/11/2013 2:23:55 PM


Hi, I'm wondering if you can help me with a store suggestion? I've been looking for light brown cowboy boot-like boots for awhile now and can't seem to find any that have a short enough heel and are the right height. I'm looking for boots that are short kind of like ankle boots with a one inch or less heel. I want to wear them with a white lace dress if that gives you a picture. Do you know anywhere I could find them?
Thanks! Smile


Hey girlie, try Target or big department stores. A lot of places should be getting boots in now for the fall season. It's going to be harder to find one with a heel that's less than an inch, but I bet you can find something less than 2 inches. And the heel height won't make them uncomfortable since the heel is so wide. 

Lauren T.

by Doglover50 on 8/11/2013 1:19:31 PM


Pretty in Pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey girls!
Please join my Club Help, it's all about fashion and beauty, style spy.
Thx so much! -Lexi

by NiallHluver_1 on 8/11/2013 11:55:35 AM


ugh please, stop with that twlight thing! Hermione (Deathly Hallows) has way better style-and bonus...She actually smiles! she saves the wizarding community while a certain other main character hides in the woods while her sparkling boyfriend does all the work.

by jillz on 8/11/2013 7:58:48 AM

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