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Gah! I blurt out the stupidest stuff around my crush

Whenever I’m around boys, I become really shy or I say stupid things. Dear Shy Gal, For now, I doubt that whatever you say seems stupid...
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hey girlies!! boys messin with your mind? friends acting different? or anything else? join my club. ask your questions. and i will promise i will give you the best advise! not sure about it? take a chance! come on im eger to help!!!

by melody13girl on 8/26/2013 7:42:37 PM


Mod MOd Mod!!!
So there's this guy (betcha heard that before) and he seemed to have some kind of interest in me.(i'll call him "J") Example: I drew a picture of a boy and a girl in a tree. J came over and said "I wish it were you and me in that picture..." and slowly walked away! He also wanted me to get a Facebook account so we could keep in touch! So, what do YOU think? Do you think he liked me?



Hey chica! Every guy is different, so while it seems like he may have been flirting with you, it's impossible to tell for sure.  Try to keep in touch and see what happens! xoxo

Kate G.

by Kimposi1 on 8/26/2013 10:30:29 AM


with me... when im around my crush... I tend to stutter... a lot DX

by Epic_CheesecakeLOL on 8/23/2013 2:04:46 PM


well i dated this guy back in january for about 2-3 weeks, and now he's my friend. But like when we're in pe, and he makes a goal or does sonething awesome, he looks through my whole crowd of friends and yells "CHLOE DID U SEE THAT" and he always makes eyecontact and smiles, he also typed am in love face on my profile picture. He's a player though. 6 girls in a school year, is he just a flirt or does he actually like me


hey! Since you know his history, I think he's probably flirting. You never know though, wait for more signs and see what happens Smile

Helen S.

by clll4321 on 8/22/2013 7:50:00 PM


So my friend saw my crush at the water park. Every year there is a festival and she asked him if he was going. He said yes and then his friend said that he should ask me. He said he wanted to but he wasn't sure if he was going to see me between now and then. He also wanted my number. I might see him tonight so should I give him my number? Does it sound like he likes me? thanks!


Hey girlie! It definitely sounds like he likes you- chat with him tonight and ask him about the festival- if he says he's going, mention you two should meet up there and offer him your number so he can text you if he wants to make plans.  That gives you an excuse to give him your number! xoxo 

Kate G.

by SuperSwimmer1 on 8/22/2013 10:43:45 AM


Hi. I have badbreath but I also have braces so its hard to get rid of my breath with braces. I always brush at night and i try to in the morning. My demtist is horrible! He left a scar in my mouth so i dont like sharing personal things with him. My teeth are clean and i get the food out but i eat and its stuck again untill i brush again. I personally cant brush my teeth at school. Im a germaphob sl if my toothbrush touches anything (even the water u never know) i would end up throwing it out. And even if i did anyway, last time i tried someone walked in on me while i was brushing. She just kept staring so i left. I cant chew gum because of the braces and mints dont work for all breath. Do u have any advice????


 Hey girlie! First things first- always brush your teeth in the morning! It gives you a clean and fresh start to the day.  Next, drink lots of water, that will help keep your mouth from going dry, which can cause bad breath (that's what happened to me when I had braces). You can even toss a little mint in your water bottle at the beginning of every day to give it a fresh hit.  Maybe you could bring mouthwash, or even just some floss or a braces brush to school to clean your braces out, which will also help.  Good luck! xoxo

Kate G.

by yannarox on 8/22/2013 1:52:22 AM


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by Emilicious on 8/21/2013 11:12:01 PM


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by karasinski on 8/21/2013 1:51:22 PM


mod mod Mod MOD MOD!!!
so i'm on the cheerleading squad at my new school and the total price for ordering fresh sneakers, a new uniform, warm ups, and everything else is going to be over $200. my parents are paying for it now, but they said ill have to pay them back. Plus, my besties and i want to go to the mall since we live far away from each other and dont get see each other very often. i also need new clothes etc. how do i earn a lot of extra dough to pay back my parents and go shopping?? my birthdays not for a while and i dont live in a neighborhood so i cant lemonade stand car wash or walk dogs. Please help? i really need it. THANK YOU


Hey chica! Short of getting a job, there's no easy way to get a lot of cash quickly (and even with a job, it's not that fast!).  Maybe you can sell your clothes to a second hand store- sometimes they give ya store credit for donating, so you can get your new clothes there! xoxo 

Kate G.

by badatbasketball on 8/21/2013 1:39:34 PM

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