It's Sadie Hawkins Day! Here's how to ask him out

We know, we know—it's 2016, and girls can ask whoever they want out whenever they want. But according to tradition, Leap Day (Feb. 29) is the one day year when women can propose to their boyfriends, as opposed to the standard man-asks-woman move. Sure, it's a little bit antiquated that we even have to flip the script, but in the spirit of silliness, why not take this chance to ask the guy you've been eying out? Below, our top tips for landing a date—no rings required.
Be perceptive,  but don’t overanalyze
You can’t just walk up to a boy and ask him out, you have to get to know him! Introduce yourself next time you’re in the same circle of friends and start chatting about school and interests. See what he likes. Once you get to know him a little better, you’ll know if he’s the perfect date for the dance or the perfect buddy to watch an action flick with. While it's important to pay attention to him and his signals, don't go crazy— you want to get to knowhim, not obsess over his every move to see if he likes you. 

Respond to his signals
If he catches your eye and smiles, meets you after class or walks with you in the halls and lingers before leaving your side, those are sure signs he’s into you (and asking him out gets a whole lot less nerve-wracking).  If you're not quite sure, though, recruit your friends to keep an eye out during your next interaction. Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to pick up on the little things.  If your friends say he couldn't stop staring at you while you were talking, go for it. If they said he looked bored/disinterested/like he was checking out your lab partner, maybe popping the question isn't the move.
Be bold.
If you want a date for the weekend, it’s time to throw out some not-so-subtle suggestions. Ask him what he’s doing on Saturday— if he says "nothing" and smiles then say you’re free too and that you should hang out or catch the new movie that’s playing. If he says he’s busy and seems to dodge the question, then it’s not looking too good...but if he tells you exactly what his plans are, like basketball practice or a family birthday, then he may just truly be busy. No matter what, you're not going to get anywhere by sitting around and waiting, so go for it, girl!
Would you ever ask your crush out? Are you doing anything crazy this Leap Day? Let us know below?  

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by Jillian Z. | 2/29/2016