Does my crush feel bad about not liking me back?

I’m good friends with my crush. Usually, he hugs me when he’s sorry about something or when I’m having a really bad day. But a few days ago, he hugged me a couple of times just out of the blue…and then he told me he likes another girl. Does he just feel bad for me?


His Answer: Brent, 15, thinks this sitch really depends on the type of guy he is. “Either he thinks of you as good friends, since he told you he likes another girl,” he says, “or he might just be a player,” trying to cozy up to you and another girl.


Decoded: You’re right to be confused—your crush’s actions were crazy ambiguous. He does like you, but does he like like you…now that’s the question of the hour!


Your Move: Keep being his buddy, but don’t moon over him while he woos another girl, and don’t let him keep you on the backburner in case his crush falls through. It would be smart to develop a crush on somebody new, or find a fresh activity so that you can take your mind of this sitch and hang with a new group of people.


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by Caitlin Farley and Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016