Does he like me or is he just a jerk?

How do you know if a boy likes you? Does he mess with you or bother you? Because that is what my dad said and several boys mess with me. Is this true?

HIS ANSWER: “It's true to an extent. I guess it depends on the age really” says Jack, 16. “Like, if you're in lower or middle school and a boy bothers you a lot and acts mean, it could very well be because he likes you. When you get older things change a little. Maybe the guy tries talking to you more, sometimes he'll make fun of you, but it's all done in a joking way. The more they try to interact with you, the more interested they probably are.”

DECODED: Just like girls have trouble expressing their feelings, some guys also don’t know the best ways to show that they’re into you. So don’t be surprised if a guy is giving you mixed signals at first, because it is possible that he is just as confused as you are. Give him a pass if he's younger, but older guys should know better.

YOUR MOVE: Take Jack’s advice and try to read his signals. Is your guy acting offensively or is he simply flirting but with some teasing mixed in? If you’re still confused with your guy and don’t know what else to do, sit him down and ask him to be honest with you. You deserve to know if he is interested or if he wants to stay in the friend zone.


by Katie Baker and Erin Goldstrom | 2/1/2016