10 signs you should break up with your BF

Relationships can be tough and knowing when to break up with a BF can be even tougher. So how do you know when you’re spending your time with the wrong guy? We’ve got 10 signs that you should stop hanging on to your beau and kick him to the curb.

He’s not a Mr. Nice Guy.

Nice guys should always finish first! Don’t keep a BF who disrespects teachers, acts nasty to parents, calls you names or disses your friends. Trade that meanie for a nice guy and you’ll end up in a much happier relationship. 


He packs on the pressure.

Your BF should never pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do, and you should never do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If your BF really cares about you, he’ll respect your decision even if that decision is no.


Too much fighting, not enough fun

Relationships should make you happy, not get you down all the time.  If there’s no fun left and all you do is fight, it’s time to either fix the problem or walk away.


He hasn’t got the time.

Does he blow off your date nights to hang with his friends, ignore your calls or give you the cold shoulder? If he doesn’t make an effort to set time aside for you, then why are you putting so much effort towards spending time with him?


He doesn’t support your goals or have any of his own.

When you tell him about your goal of singing the national anthem at a football game, becoming a veterinarian or getting straight A’s, your boyfriend shouldn’t rolls his eyes and laugh in your face. Your guy should never put you down or make you feel like you can’t make your dreams come true, no matter what they are. You should both have your own goals and should want to succeed together. 


He gets controlling.

Your boyfriend shouldn’t be telling you what you can and can’t wear, where you can and can’t go or who you can and can’t hang out with. Time to say sayanora forever to that control freak. You are your own person and can make your own decision; you don’t need a boy telling you what to do.


He ALWAYS makes you pay.

We’re not saying a guy should pay for you every time you go out; going halfsies is great and it’s even okay if you volunteer to pay for him every now and then. But if he always makes you pick up the lunch tab, buy his coffee or grab his movie ticket, that’s not okay.


Drama with your fam and besties

A guy should always try to get along with the people who are important to you. If he doesn’t care about being nice to your parents or if he avoids being around your friends, then you have a problem. You’re family and friends care about you; if they don’t like your new beau, hear them out! They probably have a good reason.


He flirts….with other girls!

Your boyfriend should be flirting with you, not your whole class. Being friendly is okay, but if it goes beyond that, your sweetheart needs to get his flirting under control or it’s time to move on. One more thing: if your BF cheats, kick him to the curb, pronto!


He can’t control his temper.

It’s okay to get angry; it’s not okay to yell and curse at someone. And it’s really not okay to throw things or get violent, ever.  If your BF can’t handle his anger in an appropriate way, he’s not the right guy for you.

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by Lauren Izquierdo | 2/1/2016