6 ways to get the guts to talk to your crush

Let’s be real, guys: Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse didn't just fall in love in one fell swoop—they talked first, and *then* decided that they like each other. All good things have to start somewhere—right?—and a li’l conversation goes a long way. It’s no biggie if you’re not a candidate for Biggest Flirt at your school, because now you have these confidence-building tips to talk to your crush.

1. Decide when. Circle the day exactly a week from now on your calendar so that there’s no way you can chicken out. For each day from now until then, write something positive about yourself. By the time that date comes along you’ll radiate with confidence that they can’t miss.

2. Do your homework. We’re not talking algebra here. Go ahead and do a li’l harmless creeping on their Instagram or Twitter to find out their interests and hobbies. We bet you two have something in common you can chat about. 

3. Know your strengths. It’s important to relax and recognize what makes you so amazing. If you’re passionate about a certain topic, why not talk to them about it and impress them with all you know?

4. …And plan ahead for your weaknesses. Tend to get tongue-tied when talking to a cutie? Plan an emergency open-ended question in case you get stuck. “So what are your plans for the weekend,” or “What did you think of the History test?” always work without fail. 

5. Go shopping. Whether it’s the mall or your BFF’s closet, a new date outfit brings a new attitude. Choose one that turns heads, but also makes you feel completely you.

6. Remember, it’s not the end of the world. So what if you don’t snag an invite to the movies or they don't ask for your number? None of that means you did anything wrong. Most guys are just shy and you should be proud of yourself for stepping up to make the first move. If they're not interested, move on to someone who does respond to your newfound flirting skills.

What's *your* go-to flirting move? Share in the comments!

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by Jenn Shelton | 3/23/2019