What to say (and do) to reel him in

Okay, so you’ve settled into the school year, gotten used to the classes and prepped for the coming cold weather. There’s only one thing left on your checklist: get with your crush! Maybe you’re just a little shy, or maybe you’re missing those few key ideas to get a good convo started. Fear no more, ladies, we’ve got ya covered with this list on how to reel in your crush.


Body Language

It may seem like the basics, but if your cutie sees ya with your arms crossed and a mean look on your face, he’s hardly gonna want to approach you. So unhook those arms from around your body, and stand tall, girl! This pose shows confidence and makes you more approachable. That way, he’ll come to you! When you’re already talking to him, try to face your feet towards him and lean in slightly. This will subconsciously show your interest. Make sure to see if he’s doing the same for you!


Compliment him

We all like to have our egos stroked from time to time, and your crush is no different. You think his cloudy-colored tee makes his blue eyes pop even more? Tell him so! It can be something as simple as, “I like your shirt—it looks really good on you.” Not only are you giving him a compliment, but you’re also letting him know you notice him and the way he looks. If you know him better, you could compliment something a bit deeper, like his taste in music.


Ask him about HIM

Relationships are all about give and take. If every time you talk the convo revolves around Y-O-U, change that! If he asks you how your weekend was, answer and throw the question back to him. Don’t be afraid to show interest by asking him about his likes, dislikes and lifelong dreams. This way he’ll see how down-to-earth and trustworthy you are, and that you’re not just another face in Bio class.


Talk about the good ol' days

Now that you’ve chatted him up and found out who he is as a person, it’s time to show that you pay attention and consider him important enough to remember. This can be anything from recurring inside jokes, to asking him how he did on that trig test he had the day before. Bringing up your joint past will tighten your bond and give you plenty to talk about.


Crack a few jokes

While you want to be someone your crush can discuss life and deep topics with, you also want to make sure he knows you’re not always Ms. Serious. Show off your fun side by gently teasing him and cracking jokes. Making your crush laugh will show him how much of a blast you are to be around, and it’ll make him itch for more time to spend with you.


Say hi in the hallway

By communicating outside of your normal chatting grounds, you’ll be building the bridge to a more significant relationship. This doesn’t just apply to classroom cuties either! The family friend’s son who works at grocery store? Don’t wait until you see him at the next holiday party, go through his checkout line and ask him what’s up. He’ll love the surprise of seeing you in an unexpected place, and will admire your confident attitude when you approach him.


Ask him to hang out

This tip may not be for every chica, but we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try it out. Maybe he doesn’t know you’re available, or maybe he’s too freaked out to make the first move. Take the pressure off the both of you by asking him to do something fun and casual. Is there a movie you’ve both been saying you want to see? Ask him if he wants to go together! Does he tease you about your lack of lay-up skills in gym class? Challenge him to some one-on-one over the weekend.


Be yourself

You may be tired of hearing it, but it’s definitely one of our biggest tips for snagging a guy. Guys are drawn to real girls, not the ones who pretend to like the same bands and watch the same TV shows. You don’t have to be just like him, or just like girls he’s dated before. When you let your crush see the real you, he’ll be attracted to your unique qualities and your willingness to be yourself. Having different interests gives you something to talk about, and hey, opposites attract!


What do you say (or do) to reel a guy in? What tip will you try first? Blog about it, babes.

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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016