Summer Love! 10 clever ways to find summer cuties

School’s out! But uh-oh, now where are you going to find your next crush? Fear not! These places are hot spots for cute guys. If you’re super shy, try asking your friends if they know any guys from outside of school, and hang with them. But if you want to find cuties on your own, check out these places.


1. Relaxing at the pool. You're bound to find some hotties poolside. Wear your cutest suit and just shoot the breeze. He’s at the pool to have a good time, and talking to you falls into that category! Start off by asking to borrow his sunscreen, and then ask what he’s up to for the rest of the summer.


2. Lining up for a ride. The amusement park is a great place to find boys. They’re fun-loving and looking to have a nice time at the park. Ask him if he’s tried that one ride yet. Then once you’re in a conversation, see if he wants to ride some rides together. Finish it off with funnel cake and lemonade.


3. Going for a run. Found: Your reason to start hitting the jogging trails. Not only do you get in shape, but you also meet some cuties. Go to a place where lots of people go for runs in your town, be it the park or the gym. Ask him if he’s training for anything in particular, like if he runs at his school. If you’re into exercise, you should ask him if he wants to go for a run together some time. Hello running buddy!


4. Joining a summer team. What better way to meet athletic guys? Whether it’s an intense swim team or just pickup soccer, just go to have fun. Rusty with your kicking skills? Ask him to teach you that trick or two. Easy way to dust off your moves, both on and off the field.


5. Getting a summer job. Aside from making money, it’ll also open up a whole new pool of coworkers for you to crush on. Apply to work as a lifeguard or camp counselor. This is more natural—you’ll get to know him easier being around him all the time.


6. Heading to the mall. The Apple store is full of gadget-loving guys. If you see one playing a game, ask him to teach you how to play it, too. These easy convo starters can open things up. With the whole mall available to you two, there are plenty of things to do from here. Hint: Head to the food court for more chit-chat time.


7. Chilling at coffee shop/ bookstore. Ask him what he’s drinking/ reading. Guys sitting alone in little shops are just begging to be approached by girls. See if he has any book or coffee recommendations. The best part? If the convo doesn’t lead to anything special, you’ll get a lot of great reading ideas out of it.


8. Hanging out at the park. A park, trail or any location in the great outdoors presents plenty of adventurous cuties to talk to. Ask him if you can join his game of frisbee, or, if you’re feeling bold, bring some friends and organize a group game of dodgeball. A guy who just wants to play outside will be fun and down-to-earth, so keep your eyes open!


9. Jamming at a concert. Outdoor music and art festivals can be a no-fail place to meet new people. Groove to some fun tunes while chatting up a cute guy. Ask him what band he’s most excited to see, and what his favorite song is by that band. Not only are these guys fun-loving and cool, they already share a common interest.
10. Watching the big game. Whether a little league game for your brother, or a pro sporting event, there are always guys around to talk to. Approach him and ask who his favorite player is, what team he’s supporting, or even make a friendly wager about who will win. Game on!

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by Hannah Meshulam | 2/1/2016