7 texting tips to up your flirt game


You just noticed mid-semester that your lab partner is way cuter than you thought. Now you’re crushing, and ready to flex your flirtexting skills. To get ya started, here are 7 texting techniques to make him fall for you fast.

1. Take your time to reply.

When your phone buzzes with a new message from him, it’s not a race to see how fast you can respond. Sending a reply too fast will make it look like you’ve been waiting next to your phone all day waiting for his text. Holding out for a few hours will make him anxious for your response. Waiting to reply will send the image that you don’t totally need and rely on him, and that will make him want you ten times more.

2. Let him text you first.

Occasionally it’s okay to make the first move, but try to let him be the first to start the convos. This shows him that you’re cool waiting for him and not desperately trying to talk. Making him come to you will keep him interested.

3. Be specific.

Steer away from the typical What’s up or How’s it going. Instead, keep it more specific and unique. Ask if he watched the game (bonus points to sports!) or what flick he’s seen lately. These convos will get you much further than the standard vague ones.

4. Resist being the 24/7 texter.

Fight texting with him non-stop; even if he seems to want to. You’ll risk getting tired of each other and there will be no mystery. You also run into problems of over sharing. Does he really need to know you just got home from the mall with your grandma and now you’re having a PB&J then you’re going to do your homework? Um, doubtful. Keep him interested and he’ll keep texting.

5. Tell him you’ll text him later.

When your convos start losing steam, tell him you have to do some work or run an errand and you’ll text him later. This way you avoid dull convos and you can control when you want to start it back up. He’ll also think its cool that you’re not attached to your phone.

6. Ask about him.

Guys love talking about themselves, so shift some talks more towards him to give him a boost. Ask about how his soccer game went or bring up a subject you know he’ll love and can share all about. If you know he did well on the last English test, bring up the class and let him do a little bragging, which will make him feel so great about himself. Talking about himself will keep him fully immersed in the convo.

7. Make sure he knows you’re interested.

Playing too hard to get could start to worry him about your feelings and he might give up. So, don’t play cool too much that you appear ice cold. Stay flirty and sweet, just not obsessed.

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by Alyson Katz | 2/1/2016