10 places to find cute guys this summer

Looking for a great guy to share your summer fun with? You may think it’s hard to meet guys when school’s out, but that’s where you’re wrong! You’ve just got to look in the right places. We’re showing ya where to go and what to say to find your summer love.
Beachside Cuties

Did mister tall, dark and handsome catch your eye from the ocean? Believe it or not, talking to a beachy babe can be way easy. If he’s throwing around a football with his crew, ask if you can join in. All that running around will def work up a sweat. So, invite him to cool down in the ocean or grab lemonades on the boardwalk. Smooth move!

Men at the Mall

Spot a cutie trying on a tee in your favorite color? Show off your fashion skills and tell him you think that color brings out his eyes. Complimenting him is the gateway to small talk. Keep it up and see if he wants to hit up the food court.

At the Pool

Where there’s water, there are hotties. Dive right in and start a game of Marco Polo or Categories with your besties. If you see him at the end of the pool, smile wide and invite him to play. Who doesn’t love feeling included?

Your BFF’s Bonfire

Bonfires are best summer night activities, and a great way to scope out new guys. Introduce yourself to a cutie, then snag a seat next to him around the fire for s’more-roasting time. So cozy and laidback, it’s the spot to spark a summer romance.

Summer Camp Crushes

Summer camps are a fab way to meet guys, whether you’re a camper or a counselor. If you’re a camper, ask the cutie if he can give you rock climbing or kayaking pointers. If you’re both counselors, swap funny camper stories to ease your way in to a casual convo.

Sporty Spots

Obviously guys love sports, so hit up a baseball game this summer. When you spot a keeper in the refreshments line, start up a friendly convo about your fave player or how excited you are to be at the game. You can’t go wrong with a li’l sports talk!

Outdoor Concerts

Grab your besties and head to an outdoor concert for a night full of singing, laughter and memories. While you’re there, you’ll probably spot a group of total babes. Take your girls in tow to start a convo together. Everyone will feel more comfortable if you stay as a group. When your crews start to mesh, ask the cutie which song he liked the best so far. Swap numbers to meet up for more music fests.

Playing in the Park

Take your dog for a walk, go for a jog or hang in the park with a gal pal to hunt for some hotties. Bring a Frisbee that you and your friend can toss around. When you spot a couple of cuties, invite them to play! It’s super casual and shows that you’re active and fun.


An absolutely surefire way to meet a keeper this summer is doing community service. Volunteer at your nearest soup kitchen or animal shelter to do good and find good guys. When do you do find that guy, strike up a convo about why you both chose to volunteer. Way better than regular small talk.

Boardwalk Babes

Spy a cutie totally dominating the whack-a-mole game on the boardwalk? Join him! See if he’ll teach you some of his awesome moves, or be bold and challenge him to a game yourself. Maybe he’ll even win you a stuffed animal. Score!


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by Lindsay Hurwitz | 2/1/2016