What to do if your crush catches you staring at him

There's a cute guy chatting with his friends at the lunch table next to yours and you just couldn't help but look over his way. And then...oh no...he just got caught you eyeballing him—ahh, awk! Whether you look away quickly or just give in and say a quick "hi," you still feel like you've been caught. Embarrassing, yes. But don’t freak out just yet!

We chatted with a few guys and it turns out, some think it's sorta sweet. Here's what they had to say...

 “I think it’s kinda cool if I catch a girl staring at me. I mean, it’s not the perfect way to start a conversation, but hey I’ll take any opportunity to talk to a cute girl.” – Eddie, 17

"There was a girl at school I caught looking over at me, and I kind of took it as a signal that she liked me, which was cool because I liked her too." - Sean, 15

"If I ever catch a girl looking at me, I feel like It's kind of flattering." -T.J., 16

"This one time I caught eyes with a girl in my class. She wasn't really someone I was that into, but she was always nice. I didn't make a big deal about it because I could tell she was embarrassed." - Jake, 15

"I think as long as a girl at least smiles or says hello to ease the tension if I catch her staring, it's no big. I can see how the situatoin can be uncomfortable or awkward, but as long as she acts normal after the fact, most guys would not even think least I wouldn't." - Andrew, 17

These cuties prove it's not worth stressin' over because chances are, he's cool with it. If you both happen to meet eye to eye, just smile. And if he's a total jerk and makes a dumb comment to ya, then he's so not worth it.

Have an awkward staring of moment your own? Share in the comments below.

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by Bridget Mallory | 2/11/2019