Ask Cliff: Is texting your feelings the right thing to do?


Hi ladies! Welcome back. This week I decided to answer a reader question that I am sure hits home with many of you. In the age of social media, sometimes we don't know where to draw the line––like when it's OK to share feelings over text and when it's better to say it in person. Here's what I think...


Is texting a guy and telling him you like him ok?

Nowadays, we communicate with each other mainly through texting. So if you are texting a boy to tell him you like him, I would say it's perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with doing that—however, I challenge you to at least think about telling him in person. With all of the technology we use, face-to-face communication is way more rare, and that isn’t necessarily a good thing. If you like someone, you should be able to talk to them without a cell phone or computer screen blocking you. 

If you're cool with speaking up and approaching someone, then tell that boy you like him in person. He might be blown away by your boldness and like you even more for it. But if you just don't have the guts to say it to his face right now, do what makes you comfortable. Look at it this way: boys don’t really care how a girl tells them they like them, it's just awesome to be liked. If anything, they will be totally flattered. 

That being said, there are some things that should never be texted, period. Take asking someone to prom for example. That is not something you should do over a text message. (I hate to admit it, but I am guilty of asking my date to go to prom with me over text. It actually makes me so mad when I think about it. Granted, it was coming down to the wire and I still didn’t have a date. But still, I’m a pretty creative guy so I know I could have come up with something unique. See my point?) Also, if you're mad at your guy, it's always better to hash it out in person where you can explain what you mean without accidentally coming off sarcastic when you were being sincere, or sincere when you were being sarcastic.

It's true that texting allows you to feel less vulnerable than talking face-to-face, but if you want to date a guy, you have to be able to have a conversation (at some point or another). Also, texting can get misconstrued. It can be hard to soak in the full emotion (or read the tone) of a message without hearing someone's voice. I mean, look at us now—we have to put “LOL” in order for someone to know it’s a joke. 

Bottom line: When it comes to telling a boy you like him, there is no rule that says you have to do it in person. But taking that leap to put away the emojis and express your true emotions in person just might give you that extra boost.  

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by Cliff L. | 2/1/2016