6 dudes open up on what they really think about holding hands

Have you ever wanted to hold your crushes hand so bad, but held back because you were afraid they would totally freak out? Holding hands with a guy or girl is such a simple thing, but it’s really easy to overthink it and chicken out. You don’t know what they’re thinking, if they’re on the same page as you or if they’re even cool with holding hands in the first place. To help clue you in, we asked 6 guys what they think about hand holding—and their answers will definitely surprise you!

“I really like when a girl just goes for it and grabs my hand when we’re hanging out. It lets me know she’s interested in an easygoing way.” –Brandon E., 16

“One time I was watching a movie with this girl I really liked. I was reaching for the popcorn and she just grabbed my hand––it was so awkward. I felt bad so I held it for a few minutes—but I really just wanted some popcorn. Make sure you pick the right time to go for it!” –Shane T., 17

“I love holding hands in public. It lets everyone know that the beautiful girl next to me is my girl. It gives me a little boost of confidence.” –Nick R., 18

“I hate when I’m standing there with a girl and our hands keep bumping but she won’t just grab my hand. I don’t mind making the first move, but sometimes I want the girl to be brave and go for it. I don’t always want to have to put myself out there. If you want to hold my hand, just hold my hand!” –Derek P., 16

“I’m not really big on PDA (public displays of affection), so holding hands isn’t really my favorite thing to do. I feel weird having someone attached to me all of the time. But if a girl really wants to, I will.” –Justin R., 15

“A girl I was dating wanted to hold my hand all the time. I mean every second we were together. I’m okay with holding hands, but sometimes my hands get clammy and I need a break. It’s nothing personal, there’s just no need to constantly be doing it.” –Keelan B., 17

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by Brittany Goers | 3/7/2019