5 ways to get over your ex in a flash

Break ups are hard but actually getting over your ex-BF is a whole other story. Heartbreak can be a tough thing to go through but it’s definitely not impossible. It can take time to get over your ex, but with these five tips, you’ll have the tools to stop obsessing over your ex sooner, rather than later.

1. Do a phone cleanse.

Purge your phone of anything that reminds you of your ex. Pictures, songs, or anything else that reminds you of the days when you two were still an item need to go ASAP. There’s nothing worse than finally getting over your ex and then hearing your couple song on shuffle. If you find yourself way too tempted to text your ex, give his phone number to a friend for safekeeping. You’ll think twice about it if have to go through a friend first.

2. Bail on the bad mouthing.

After a breakup, emotions are running high. Don’t blow up your Twitter with angry subtweets about your ex or sad breakup lyrics from Justin Beiber’s “Where Are U Now”. Chances are exposing your feelings to everyone you know will drag you into more drama aka something someone with a broken heart does not need.

3. Gather up your gals.

Surrounding yourself with your besties for a night of boy-free fun will help take your mind off your ex-BF. Bake some cookies and get cozy for a great throwback movie, like Clueless.  

4. Don’t rush into being “just friends”.

Being “just friends” might seem like the best way to keep your crew intact, but be honest with yourself. It’s totally ok if being around him at every group hangout is too much for you. Everyone needs time to heal before hanging with an ex seems normal again.

5. Focus on what makes you, you, Y-O-U!

One of the hardest parts about breaking up is having to relearn how to be ourselves sans boyfriend. Get in touch with your single-self by getting back into hobbies and routines you had before you two started dating. Start baking again or pick up a new hobby you enjoy!

What do you do to get over an ex? Share in the comments below!  


by Kelsie Ahern | 2/1/2016