The 12 too-real stages of running into your crush


Did I just say that?  We've all been there: The moment when you run into your crush and blurt out something that makes you want to shrivel into a blob and hide away *forever*. Trust us, you'll walk away from the scene and you will live. In fact, one day, you'll laugh it off. Maybe that day will be right this very moment. Read on for that laugh-out-loud, cringe-worthy stroll down memory lane.

1. You’re just happily walking along, minding your own business, probably daydreaming about your crush.

2. Then, all of a sudden, HE'S THERE.

3. How is he so perfect?

4. At first you look away and wonder if he’ll even see you.

5. You check your outfit (just in case) to make sure you look on point.

6. But then you look back up...and of course he waves.

7. He totally saw you fixing your outfit. Now he probably thinks you're obsessed with him (which you are).

8. To fix the situation, you start to say “hey,” but it comes out all weird. ("Heyloha"?!?)

9. Then it seems like he's going to stop to talk to you. Do you even want him to?

10. He does! You have a glorious (or at least not outwardly abnormal) conversation!

11. And while you do wish you hadn’t said that one awkward thing…

12. Who cares? It was fate to run into him. You’re basically a couple now, right?

What do you do when you randomly run into your crush? Let us know below!


by Katy Herman | 1/25/2019