What to do when you can't stop thinking about your crush

Picture this: You're trying to take notes for class, but all you can think about is his smile. Or maybe you're trying to listen to coach's instructions, but you can't stop replaying your conversation with her.

Having a crush is *rough.* With any other interest (or, ya know, obsession), there’s an outlet. Obsessed with Why Don't We? You can rock out to "Trust Fund Baby" on repeat. Love Riverdale? There are tons of fan fic sites. But when you’re dealing with an interest in someone you actually know, it feels like everything you want to do, from scribbling his name in your notebooks to stalking his social, is borderline creepy.  Here’s how to handle those megacrush feelings—minus the stalker factor.

Make a playlist
Your thoughts and what’s in your earphones are totally private.  So put the songs that remind you of your cutie together on one playlist, and label the file something non-obvious (so, not his name...).  Feel free to belt the song that best speaks to your sitch in the shower—after all, there’s nothing suspicious about Taylor Swift.

Write in your journal
Your private journal or diary is made for your real, honest thoughts. Without an outlet to talk about your crush, you may feel like you’re going to explode, so let those thoughts flow somewhere safe. Get a journal with a lock and key or keep it somewhere secret.  Then, be honest. You can even write poems and lyrics to let your feelings out.

Go ahead and gush (within reason)
No matter how much you put in your diary, no one can really resist talking about their crush at least a little bit. If you must, find someone you totally trust, like your BFF or sister or mom, and gush over his eyes and laugh or break down your latest convo with them.  Remember, though, your confidante is definitely not as into this conversation as you are.  So make sure to set a time limit on your rant and not bring him up every single time you chat.  And when your bud has a crush? Get ready to listen, babe.

Talk to him!
Yes, striking up a convo with your crush, whether over text or face-to-face, can seem super scary.  But remember, he’s just another person. Talk about that super interesting reading assignment for History class or ask him how his big game went. Watch yourself so you don’t verge into ramble territory, and ask him friendly questions about himself. While you shouldn’t run up to him every time you see him or text him 24/7 (the boy needs room to breathe!) striking up a convo is the only way to turn a crush into (maybe) something more.

What do you do when you can’t stop thinking about your crush? Let us know below!


by Katy Herman | 3/18/2019