Secret ways to let your crush know your true feelings


You don't need telepathy to let your crush know you're interested. And you also don't need to get up a ton of courage to confess your feelings. Here's how to use *body language* to get your message across. Zero awk convos, and no mixed messages. 

Don't be afraid to LOL.

We're not saying you should giggle like crazy or yuck it up every time he says something kinda clever. But laughing when your crush says something funny gives the person the hint that you think they're fun to be around.

Share a smile.

Flash your pearly whites, whether you two are talking or just walking by each other in the halls.

Reach out.

Making a little bit of contact (touching his arm, for example) is a flirty way to prove you two are connecting.

It's all in the eyes.

So many girls look away when they make eye contact with their crush. Just don't! Making eye contact (and holding it for a few seconds) shows you're interested.

What's your best trick for catching someone's eye? Have you ever tried something bold that backfired?  


by Christina Mattera | 2/1/2016