6 things you *never* want to hear from your crush


The reason it's called a crush is because it doesn't always feel so great—and, unfortunately, sometimes our crushes say things we just don't want to hear.

Whether it's about another girl or just let's you know that you're firmly in the friend zone, none of it is fun to listen to. Luckily, we've all been there—and we've learned to laugh it off. Check out the top six things you *never* want to hear from your crush.

"Hey, do you think any of your friends would go to the dance with me?" Um, what about YOU? After all, you've been here the whole time—and looking perfectly cute!


"I love that we're so close. You're like a sister to me." Ouch. It starts out nice, but then saying you're practically family? Instant shattered dreams.


"I think you'd be perfect for [someone who's not them]." So, not with them, basically. If they think you'd be a good girlfriend, why can't you be theirs?


"What's your name again?" Okay, so maybe you've only talked once or twice, but still—rude! You introduced yourself after offering him a piece of gum. How could he forget?


"Wow, the new girl is so cute!" They're not supposed to like the new girl, they're supposed to like you! They already know you, after all!


"I hope I can find someone like you someday." Ugh! Why not actually you? You want to date someone like them, too—it's perfect!


What's the worst thing your crush has ever said to you? How'd you handle it? Dish in the comments below.


by Alexa Matthews | 3/15/2016