Are you being ghosted by your guy?


Say you meet someone and think they’re a cool person to be around. You two hang out some more for a while, maybe go on a date or two and you feel like a really good relationship is starting to build up. All of a sudden, they stop responding to your texts, they don’t set plans with you like they use to and you just never see them around anymore. It’s like they disappeared out of thin air. But why?

This is where ghosting comes in, and no we don’t mean the scary spirits that haunt you at night! The term “ghosting” refers to a relationship where one person slowly avoids the other one in the relationship until they’ve completely faded away. The “ghost” does not give an explanation of any sort, leaving the “ghosted” wondering where they went wrong. So, how do you know if someone is ghosting on you? Here are five warning signs you should look out for:

1. They take *forever* to respond to your texts


Or they’ll just stop responding to you altogether.

2. They’re unclear when scheduling a hang out


If it’s a vague plan, then forget about already. If they can’t set up a certain date or time or even location, then they don’t really care to meet up.

3. They keep cancelling on you


Excuses excuses. Why even make plans if you’re not going to show up? Definitely ghosting.

4. They’ve moved on according to social media


Where did all the pictures you guys took together go? Who’s the girl he’s hugging? Wait, why are you all of a sudden blocked from his account?

5. They’ve just completely vanished


You never see them anymore, even at places where they used to spend a lot of time. It’s almost like they never even existed… 

Being ghosted by someone you really liked and someone you thought really liked you can be a major bummer—especially since it tends to happen so suddenly with no reason whatsoever. But just know that one inconsiderate person like that doesn’t deserve a special person like yourself—and there are tons of other people out there who will respect you and won’t leave you hanging! Just make sure you’re looking after yourself and the people you get involved with.

Have you ever been “ghosted” before?


by Danielle Bryant | 4/21/2016