Tips to stay close even when you're far away


We already know that relationships can be complicated. When you add in long-distance, there’s no telling that there will be bumps in the road. But long distance shouldn’t mean that you both have to go your separate ways. There are definitely ways to make it work while being miles or even plane rides apart from each other. Here's how.

1. As everyone says, "communication is key" in relationships, but this is even more true for those in LDRs. Make time for one another, whether that’s phone calls after you both get out of class or just updating each other on what’s new in your lives.

2. Since you can’t see each other in person, it’s pretty important to use your resources, but this also means to be mindful of each other’s responsibilities at work or school. Being in different places means you both have different obligations and schedules. This is definitely key to keeping the arguments to a minimum.

3. Don’t forget to remind your significant other as to why being apart is so worth it. In the chaos of life, it gets easy to forget and become emotionally disconnected.

4. Let them know about all the new people you’re meeting and interacting with. They’ll feel more included in your life and will be able to recognize who your talking about when you have that hilarious girls-night-out story to tell!

5. Try to also set a date where you two can see each other in person. By making plans for the future, it gives you both something to look forward to. You’ll be surprised by how fast time goes by and reunion will be even sweeter.

6. FaceTime, plan phone calls or even send letters back and forth like the old days, but don’t let distance take up space in your relationship. If you both work at it, it isn’t actually as bad as others make it out to be.

How do you keep your own long distance relationship going? Tell us at GL in the comments below!


by Kristina Lee | 5/24/2016