What to do when your BFF's ex becomes your new crush

We all know what happens when you have a crush: there's butterflies galore, you're day dreaming constantly and you can't spit out a sentence without stuttering to save your life. Having a crush is nerve-wracking enough, and when you have a crush on someone your bestie previously dated things can get mega complicated, mega quick. Sure your best friend's ex may be swoonworthy, but let's think about a few things first...

For real?
Crushes can come and go like the tide, so ask yourself if this is just a phase and if it's possible that these feelings will pass. Think about why you have these feelings in the first place. Is he a super swell guy with a good heart or does he just have a charming smile? Considering this will help you decide whether or not to move on from these feelings.

Timing is everything
How long ago did your BFF break up with him? Did this just happen two days ago or has it been a few months? Breakups aren't fun, no matter who breaks up with who, and it can take a while to recover depending on how serious the relationship was. You don't want to add insult to your best babe's "injury" by going for it too soon. Also, make sure you know why the split happened. You don't want to try to be with a guy who might do the same to you as he did to your friend.

Tell tale
If you know your feelings are real and your bestie's wounds have healed, it's important that you tell her right away. You don't want there to be any surprises down the road, and you should consider your friend's feelings. If it upsets her, then he's off limits—at least for a while. You don't want to lose a valuable relationship over something as silly as a crush.

How would you deal with this kind of crush? Share below!

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by Hayley Anderson | 3/23/2018