5 easy (and not cheesy!) ways to chat up your crush

The only thing we want extra cheese on is our pizza and *obviously* our nachos—but definitely not the lines we drop when we're trying to chat up the cutie from camp. Here are five sure-fire ways to start a conversation with your crush, without the silly lines.

Start with small talk, then go bigger
Instead of asking if they fell from heaven, ask how their sports tournament was when you see them in the gym, or what their fave flavor is when you bump into them in the ice cream aisle. Get a convo going about summer adventures, or plan an ice cream trip together. It's an easy, casual way to make small talk, instead of spouting a silly one-liner. 

Avoid the puns
Even though they may be the only Ten-u-see, they may not be from Tennessee. Instead of using this tired line, ask them a similar Q minus the silliness: Have you lived in the same state all your life? What's your favorite hometown hang out? Who knows, maybe they will even take you to there after you chat! 

Try sincerity
Did you and your crush both score an invite to your besties summer bonfire? Awesome! While sitting fire-side, or inside grabbing s'mores fixings, ask them, “How does it feel to be the most beautiful one here?” It will make them blush, feel special, and realize there is more to you two than just friends.

Get social
Don’t have your crush’s phone number or social media handle? Instead of saying, “There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your number in it.” Try casually bringing up your Instagram and showing them a photo of your recent vacation or your veggie burger that was good enough to 'gram. Then, mention that you don’t have each other’s info, and exchange. You'll get an instant connection (and a new follower!).  

When all else fails, just laugh
Instead of trying hard to make *them* laugh, challenge your crush to make you LOL. Say something like, “Try telling me a joke—I bet you can’t make me laugh.” Your crush’s competitive side will come out and they will have to keep talking to you, and eventually make you laugh. A win-win situation! 

What is the one of your favorite pick-up lines to use on your crush? Let us know in the comments!

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by Hailey Albright | 4/29/2018