What to do when you don't like your BFF's BF

So, your best friend seems to have found the love of her life—yay! You're totally excited for her... but then you meet him and, well…the excitement starts to fade. Maybe it’s his attitude, or the way he carries himself. Either way, you're getting an unsettling vibe. We’ve all been in this situation, but it's difficult to know how to handle it. Here are a few awk sitches that you might face and how to deal.

1. He takes up all of her hang time, leaving none for you

Relationships can be taxing—it takes a lot of time and effort to keep two people happy. If you begin to notice that your friend can’t hang out because her guy "said she couldn’t” or “she’s hanging with her BF,” talk to her. Let her know that you've been feeling pushed aside and you miss your BFF time. She's likely so enamored by her boy that she doesn't know she's doing this, so keep an open mind and be prepared for the two of you to clash over this. 

2. He flirts with you and her other friends

This is just plain annoying and rude. While some guys are naturally flirty, it’s different when you BFF’s beau is openly hitting on you. I mean, c’mon, he already has a GF! This is a touchy subject to talk about, but it’s important to address it with your BFF. She might see what he's doing but not feel comfortable bringing it up, or she could be completely in the dark. Let your girl know what's up and leave the rest to her. 

3. He’s simply a bad influence

Maybe he uses illegal substance or maybe he's just a total rule-breaker. Either way, this means he's a dangerous person for your BFF to be involved with *even if* she doesn't partake in any "bad" activities. Don't attack her, though. Let her know calmly that just by being around these things can get her in big trouble. She's in a tricky situation and will need you for support, so make sure you're available if she needs to talk.

Have you ever disliked one of your bestie's BFs? What did you do about it? 


by Hayley Burns | 7/28/2016