10 easy tips for texting your crush

Should I use one emoji or two? Oh no, did I text them back too quickly?! Was that joke *too* flirty?

You probably thought one (or all...) of these things the last time you texted your crush. Whether you are best friends or have only known each other for just a week, these tips will let you send the right signals and help decode any cryptic messages.

1. Now that you've acquired your crush's number, remember this: they're just a person, so save your fan-girling for when it really counts (like a Shawn Mendes' concert, obvs).

2. Be patient. Just because they're not texting you back, doesn't mean they're ignoring you. It's possible they're just busy and will text you back soon!

3. Try to get to know them better. Ask them about what they like to do and about their family. But spread the questions out. You want your convo to last a long time, so don't send a slew of Qs all at once.

4. To start off a convo send a simple "Hey, what's up?" That'll keep the conversation casual and easy. 

5. If they don't text you back in the end, it may mean they're not interested. If so, give it some time before you reach out again. Or let *them* text you so that you're able to gauge their interest.

6. During your conversations, emojis are great. You can easily get across what you are feeling and maybe flirt a little. Hold off on the heart emojis for now until you two are certain of your feelings.

7. If you don't know what to say or how to reply to one of their texts, that's what friends are for! Screenshot your convo and send it to your bestie group message to get feedback *instantly.*

8. Try not to read too much into each of their texts. If you over analyze everything they say, you will not only go a bit cray-cray, but it takes away from the relationship you are building.

9. When texting is getting dull, go do something together. It doesn’t have to be a date if you don’t want to, but make sure to get to know the person behind the screen as well.

10. Remember that the most important thing is that you are honest with them and with yourself. Show the real you through your conversations and your crush could maybe become *more* than just a crush.

What are some of your go-to tips when you are texting your crush? 

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by Emmy Villiger | 1/1/2020