How to deal when your ex-bae starts dating someone else


You cherish those memories of Chipotle dates and late night phone calls, of cute texts throughout the day and of study breaks during school. It hurts to remember those things in general, no matter how the relationship ended, because you miss how happy you were with him at one time. But even after you get over him, even after you stop the ice cream binges with your bestie and the late night tears with your mom, it hurts even more when you find out he’s dating someone else.

Can you say jerk? Well, not always. He might not mean to cause you any pain, but it still makes you feel pretty small when you see him with his new girl in the hallway. As tough as it is now, you’ll get through this. And we can help.

Give yourself time.

You can’t be upset with yourself if you’re still in pain a week or two after you discovered the news. Everyone is different, and even if your cousin says she got over her old crush in three days, you two might not be the same. You are allowed to sit on your couch with your bestie over the weekend, watching Pretty Little Liars Youtube videos about #Haleb and crying with some buckets of cookie dough ice cream.

Focus on your friends.

Your friends are the ones who will help you get through this period. They’ll remind you how cute, funny and all-around awesome you are, and there’s no reason for you feel down about this silly boy.

Treat yourself.

If you were hesitant to buy that cute romper from Forever 21 before, you deserve it now. Maybe get a mani/pedi with your bestie, and put on your cutest shoes for school on Monday. You should feel as perfect as you are.

Keep telling yourself you’ll be okay.

As much as you need to hear from your friends and your mom and your dog that this will seem silly in a month, you need to tell yourself that too. Otherwise, how will you ever believe it!

What did you do when your ex-bae got a new bae? Sound off in the comments!

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by Amy Garcia | 10/3/2016