This is one love game you *do* want to play

One day the school's student council arranged lunch activities. It was musical chairs, but with a super cool playlist and the prize was a $25 gift card to Yogurtland! The whole sixth grade played, so we needed a lot of chairs. My crush and I were playing and eventually we were in the top three with two chairs left. When the music stopped, we went to sit in the same chair but I ended up on the edge of it, which means I was out. I guess I looked sad to be out because he then got up and said to me, "You can have my chair." (This was in front of the entire grade!) He walked away, but came back and said, "I really want to give the gift card to you. Do you want it?" I said "Yes," and the whole middle school said "AWWW!" It was so cute.


by GL | 10/28/2016