What to do when your BGF likes you--and you don't like him back

Every girl should have a BGF: They give great guy advice and are super fun to hang with. When it comes down to it, though, they're a guy and you're a girl—and sometimes those friendly feelings can grow into something more. If it happens to both of you, great. But what do you do if your BGF wants to be more than just friends, and you don't feel the same way? Here are some tips on how to handle this stressful sitch without leaving your friendship out to dry.

Don’t keep your feelings to yourself

We get that the idea of losing one of your closest friends is scary, but not talking about what's going on just because it's uncomfortable and losing a friend because of it is even scarier. Don’t ignore the fact that he wants to be more than friends, and definitely don’t go along with it because you’re afraid to tell him how you really feel. The sooner you tell him you don’t have the same feelings, the faster you can go back to being pals.

If he wants space, give it to him

No matter how easy you let him down, his feelings may still be hurt. We know you're used to seeing him everyday—hanging out after school and studying or texting and Snapchatting whenever you feel like it—but after telling him you don’t like him like him he may want some space. If this is the case, it's only fair that you respect that. Don’t completely ignore him, though. Smile and say hi when you see him and answer any texts he sends. And don’t worry, you’ll be back to being best buddies soon enough.

Be nice, not flirty

Once you get your friendship rolling again, don’t be awkward about it. Be yourself and act normal, but be conscious of the way that you're approaching him. Make an attempt to be strictly friendly—anything verging on flirty would contradict the way you've said you feel.

Keep the boy talk to a minimum

We know you love going to your BGF for advice on guys because he knows how they think and act. But if you just turned him down, keep the boy talk at bay. You can always gab with your girlfriends about guys and grab advice from them. Remember that if the roles were reversed, you wouldn’t want him talking to you about other girls. No matter what, keep his feelings in mind.

Use those matchmaking skills

If he’s ready, you can most definitely try and set him up with another girl. Avoid being pushy, though, by just casually pointing out a few girls you think he might like. If he likes them, cool. If he doesn't, don't persist.

Has your BGF ever had feelings for you? Have you ever had feelings for your BGF? Share your stories below!


by Maddie Smith | 10/31/2016