Who needs a sweetie, anyway? 9 ways to date yourself

It takes two to tango. However, when it comes to dating, the only person you need to have a totally terrific time with is yourself. That’s right—it’s all you, girl!

Sure, spending quality time with a sweetie seems like the most awesome thing *ever*. But there are so many amazing (and amazingly simple!) things you could be doing without a BF. Even if you’re in a relationship now, it’s great to know that you don’t always need to bring your boo along for every single adventure. These date ideas are perf for a party of one.

Day of desserts

Forget sweeties—treat yourself to allll the sweets! Eat cookies for breakfast, cake for lunch and candied apples for dinner. (Just make sure you balance out all those baked goods with good-for-you foods.)

Themed movie marathon

Rom-coms. Thrillers. Harry Potter everything. Pop some popcorn, get cozy and enjoy some quality screen time. 

Shopping spree

DON’T blow all your b-day money in one place. DO snag that shirt you’ve been wanting for weeks.

Book binge

Get lost in a rad read. Want to go the extra mile? Turn those pages while posting up at your local library. 

Trip down memory lane

Remember all those selfies you took when you first got your phone? How about that vlog you recorded last year? We guarantee you’ll get a kick out of kickin’ it back to the past.

DIY spa

So simple, yet *so* relaxing! Toss a bath bomb into your tub and take your mind off relationships for a lil’ while.

Cool class

We know you’re probably tired of learning, but it’s different when you choose to learn something new. Take advantage of in-person and online classes that cover topics you’ve always wanted to explore.

Solo sweat sesh

While working out with a BF or bestie can be a blast, you’ll truly get in touch with your bod if you break a sweat by yourself. Let your mind wander as you wind along a running trail or tear it up on a treadmill.

Creative crafting

Stickers, stencils and scrapbooks galore! Flexing your artsy muscles is one of the best feel-good moves out there.

Which solo date are you super excited to go on? Share your plans below! 

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by Megan Sawey | 3/19/2018